As a person in charge of business development, do you wish you could...

Conversation Automatically

Have a more consistent and predictable sales follow-up?

Cross Channel Follow-Ups

Drive deeper engagement with your target market?

Real-time Tracking

Engage your leads across every channel from one single platform.

Why Automated Lead Follow-ups are Important?


Loss due to lack of follow-up

40-80% of new business leads is not followed up with.
~ Yankee Group

Compromised closing rates and prices

Systematic follow-up can result in as much as 47% higher prices and 64% higher closing rates.
~ Aberdeen Research

Missed sales opportunities

Properly followed up and nurtured leads produce, on average, a 19% increase in sales opportunities.
~ DemandGen Report

Subpar conversion rates

Nurtured leads convert 33% more than non-nurtured ones. ~ SiriusDecisions Index “Marketing and Sales Waterfall Conversion Rates”

Higher rates of sales erewadines at lower cost

Effective follow-up generates 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.
~ Forrester Research

Salespeople's reluctance to follow up

70% of salespeople stop at one follow-up action. Yet more emails result in a 25% higher chance of hearing back from leads.
~ YesWare

FlowUp to the Rescue

With that in mind, our hearty horde of hooligans has built Flowup, an AI-powered, integrated omnichannel marketing and sales engagement platform with the following benefits...

Create a New-Age Lead Generation Experience with FlowUp

our integrated, all-in-one omnichannel marketing and sales engagement platform. Its easy-to-use interface was built to save teams time while converting more leads.

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What is FlowUp?

FlowUp is an all-in-one marketing and sales engagement platform for follow-up automation and lead engagement. Its easy-to-use interface was built to save teams time while converting more leads.

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Why Choose FlowUp?

Reach Your Audience with Telephone Broadcast

Engage your audience with automated voice announcements. Connect with selected groups of contacts with a single click.

Drive Revenue the Easy Way with SMS Automation

Send your most important messages knowing that your prospects will see them. You can meet your prospects where they are and on their preferred channels.

Omnichannel Communication

Reach customers through Flowup's omnichannel communication to establish close relationships with consumers while also increasing customer loyalty.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Increase user lifetime value and reduce acquisition costs. Flowup enables you to deliver engaging messaging experiences using several communication channels.

Systematic Lead Nurturing

Drive more sales with strategic lead nurturing and track your leads every step of the way inside your sales funnel.

Use Email Marketing to Customize your Customer Journey

You can craft custom workflows depending on which stages your prospects are in their buying cycles. You can send- laser-focused messages to specific segments of your email list.

Connect FlowUp with the Tools You Already Use

FlowUp integrates with your CRM so you can share valuable insights between both platforms.
Don’t let administrative hassles slow down your sales.

  • Integrate FlowUp with any CRM software via API
  • Track follow-ups and lead information in one place
  • Access detailed customer insights
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