Why does the Insurance Industry need
Marketing Automation?

Bunch of Repetitive Tasks

Sending Repetitive Follow-ups to New prospects and Reminders to Existing Policy Holders with a manual process is a time-consuming affair.

Day-to-Day Follow-ups

Insurance is not a frequently preferred product, and that’s why it needs Monotoneous Follow-up to get more qualified leads which reduces accuracy and interest level.

Multiple Follow-ups to Single Lead

Having an Extended Lead Life cycle, Insurance leads need more follow-up than normal leads. Doing it Traditional and Manual way can be irritating and non-productive.

Non-responsive Lead on Single Channel

Reaching the Same Prospect continuously with the same communication channel, same time, with the same message is not producing desired results.

Opportunity Cost Due to Traditional Approach

Not adopting a Modern Marketing approach with Omnichannel costs you losing the market share and new business in comparison to competitors.

How Insurance Marketing Automation
can be a savior?

Automate Your Repetitive Tasks

Leave your Day-to-Day Follow-ups Policy Reminders and updates on Insurance Marketing Automation and engage your team on other productive tasks.

Customize Your Follow-ups with Visual Workflow

Not Rocket science is working in Sales. Design your Customized Follow-up workflows to apply the dynamic follow-up approach from time to time.

Multiply your Reach with Omnichannel Communication

Insurance Sales Automation with Omnichannel communication helps you 4X your customer reach with Call, SMS, Email and Other Communication modes.

Grow Your Sales Funnel Multifold

Insurance Sales Automation helps you widen your reach and let you connect more and more leads resulting in growing your Sales funnel with more Sales Qualified Leads.

Why FlowUp?

Omnichannel Communication

Design Your Own Workflow

Smartly Manage Inbound Lead Flow

Click easy Integration with Any CRM

Automate Lead Qualification with SMSBot

Leverage Email and SMS Drip Campaigns

100% Compliant Solution

Live Lead Segmentation

2X Your Premium Collection with Omnichannel Engagement

Renewal premium collection is a very challenging task for any insurance company or agency, or individual, which actually is an integral part of their residual income. Sometimes what they need is to change their communication pattern and messages to keep existing policyholders paying the premium. With FlowUp’s Insurance marketing automation platform, you can boost your customer engagement with SMS, Ringless Voicemail, Email, Conversational SMSBot, Announcements etc., with the right message.

Keep Your Sales Team Streamlined with Simplified Sales Module

FlowUp enables you to move your SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) directly to your sales team with a simple transfer call, or you can design your customized Inbound Flow where your Sales agents can communicate with your prospects through Call, SMS and Email and keep them engaged with your Insurance brand and retain the existing policyholders with your Brand.

Get a Birdeye View of your Sales Funnel with Visual Workflow

FlowUp's Visual workflow tool shows you at a glance how your lead's journey is going through during the whole follow-up cycle and which leads belongs to hot, warm and cold categories to segment them accordingly and move them to dedicated follow-up strategy with live segmentation to optimize your sales efforts and automate follow-up tasks to keep your sales team up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance marketing automation software is a specialised program that "automates" processes that were previously performed manually by insurance employees on a regular basis, taking up a lot of their time and effort. Insurance automation software automates a variety of repetitive procedures involved in insurance marketing, sales, and renewals, to mention a few, and frees your team members from boring labour so they can concentrate on more imaginative and useful projects.
Insurance Marketing automation streamlines your insurance marketing and sales processes, helping you achieve better results. Instead of performing manual, repetitive processes, you're able to focus on more strategic tasks, such as planning and design strategy with visual workflows, omnichannel lead engagement, live lead segmentation, measuring KPIs, and more.
Our software helps you keep and attract new clients by increasing brand recognition and brand recall with omnichannel outreach and creating a more robust presence wherever your target audience is responsive. Regular and Strategically planned and crafted communication improves trust, makes your company easier to find, and makes your branding more memorable.
We are completely operational on Pay-as-you-go pricing as of now.
Yes, Definitely. FlowUp can be integrated with any of the CRM that you currently use.