Our Journey to FlowUp

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LeadsRain to FlowUp

Journey: From LeadsRain to FlowUp New

We are a team of forward-thinking innovators dedicated to helping your business succeed.

In 2013, we founded LeadsRain, a cloud-based contact center solution for sales and marketing teams. At LeadsRain, we serve as our clients’ growth partner, making marketing effortless yet effective. Our customers love LeadsRain’s voice and SMS capabilities, so we went a step further and built FlowUp. FlowUp’s all-inclusive platform takes the manual effort and frustration out of follow-up, while allowing marketers to reach their leads on critical channels.

Amazing work happens when teams have the right tools and technology. We’re here to be your solution.

The Story Behind FlowUp

We developed FlowUp after watching so many marketers send messages that get ignored, waste time contacting the wrong audience, and let their hot leads go cold. Lead generation is the lifeblood of so many businesses, and we were tired of seeing ineffective efforts.

So we built a better way.

FlowUp’s platform helps marketers:

  • Increase response rates with ongoing engagement
  • Drive more conversions by following up at the right time
  • Optimize efforts with insightful analytics
Story Behind FlowUp

Do it All With FlowUp

Fowup Experience

We remove the roadblocks, teams like yours face everyday.

With FlowUp, you can focus on the most important tasks instead of wasting time on irrelevant outreach, single-channel follow-up, and manual data entry. We believe efficiency is key, so we’ve combined our industry-leading automation all in one platform.

  • Omnichannel followup automation
  • Strategic lead segmentation
  • Creative, effective workflows

We’re Passionate About Your Success

“We have witnessed the changes in industry over the years which keep throwing the challenges to all. Only thing we aimed is to keep updating ourselves. With FlowUp, we have once again taken a footstep ahead in the field of Marketing and Lead Generation and conceptualized a Multi-channel Follow Up Automation to systematize the approach. FlowUp is just a step. With aiming more followup channels we are committed to come up with many more.”
Jay Thakkar
Chief Executive Officer
Jay Thakkar

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