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What is
Call Tracking & Analytics?

Call analytics is a type of artificial intelligence technology that collects data from inbound phone calls.

Call tracking data, such as the caller's identity, phone number, and the marketing source that prompted the call, is included. It also includes conversation intelligence data gleaned from the content of the calls, such as whether the caller was a qualified lead, what product or service they were interested in, and whether they eventually converted to a customer.

Discover the Channels Driving Your Inbound Leads

Craft workflows specifically for inbound leads. FlowUp offers powerful tracking capabilities so you can gauge what works and how leads find your business.

  • Design an inbound workflow for calls you receive
  • Purchase unique caller IDs for each campaign
  • Tag caller IDs based on marketing channel
  • Trigger webhook on specific events, like closed leads
Call Tracking Analytics

Track Success with Real-Time Reporting

Bring visibility to your calls with detailed performance reporting. Discover your top-performing campaigns and which marketing channels drive the most revenue.

Automated Lead Follow-up Software
  • Evaluate channel performance to maximize ROI
  • Follow your workflow progress in real-time
  • Track contact list performance with list-wide reporting
  • Find out where leads left off with call detail reports

Get Detailed Insights into Your Leads List

Find out which segments of your list are taking action. Use call analytics to edit your script, hone your ideal customer, and identify the paths that convert most frequently.

  • Match call data with your leads list
  • Track call success by demographic and geographic data
  • Gather intel on what led leads to close or lose interest
Call Tracking System

Trigger a Webhook That Works With Your Favorite Tools

Send information directly from FlowUp’s call tracking analytics to your CRM and other industry platforms so you can stop wasting time on manual data entry.

Flowup Integration
  • No coding required
  • Trigger webhook on events like inbound calls or sales
  • Keep track of your customers on every platform

Call Tracking & Analytics Use Cases

Leverage the power of Call Tracking & Analytics — no matter what industry you’re in

Real Estate

Real Estate

Let your clients know about new open houses in their area with smart segmentation and voicemail drops.

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending

Check-in with all of your warm leads at once, and let your current clients know about interest changes and product announcements.



Book your vacation rental faster with easy-to-send alerts on new availability and promotions.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Increase membership and sales with bulk follow-ups that reach your target audience instantly.