Meet FlowUp: Dawn of Omnichannel Followup Automation

Are other platforms leaving gaps in your marketing orchestration? It's time to FlowUp your Lead follow-ups

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Set Your Strategy in Motion

Plan your Lead’s Journey along with the desired channels and
plan trigger based automated responses

  • FlowUp brings your strategic campaigns to life.
  • Craft multiple paths and scenarios to score the sale.
  • Build actions and responses for every type of trigger with Customer Workflow
  • Program specific time intervals and messages, and track progress in real-time.
Strategy in Motion

Automate Your Outreach with Unified Communications

Experience the Integrated Marketing Communication and
reach your audience where the expect

Omnichannel Outreach
  • Generate more responses when you reach out on more channels.
  • Adopt Holistic Approach to Follow-up with Multichannel outreach with Voice and SMS.
  • Reach your Target audience through the channels they check most.
  • Manage Every Channel with Umbrella approach from a Single Platform.

Stay Top-of-Mind with Consistent Engagement

Trigger webhook and generate the Flawless Follow-up communication

  • Keep the conversation flowing, automatically.
  • Keep your leads engaged with timely communication
  • Stay in touch frequently, while using your team’s time more effectively
  • Experience the magic of consistent engagement with minimal effort.
Consistent Engagement

Segment Your Leads for Personalized Follow-Ups

Energize and personalize your Follow-up Smart Segmentation and Automated Follow-ups

Personalized Follow-Ups
  • Message smarter with Segmented Lead Approach.
  • Personalize your outreach based on leads’ status in the workflow
  • Send the Right Message to the Right Audience for constant customer Engagement


FlowUp seamlessly integrates with your CRM and industry platforms.

Integration Integration Integration
Integration Integration