Marketing Platform

FlowUp - your sophisticated Multi-channel marketing automation that follow-up at every touchpoint

Unified Communication

Build a Customized Workflow that Checks Every Box

Set your strategy in action with a custom workflow that helps your team work smarter, not harder.

Inbound Workflow

Manage your inbound workflow so you’re ready for the reply.

Interval Setting

Set custom time intervals between your contact touchpoints.

Automatic Follow-Up

Re-attempt non-responsive leads automatically after a miss.

Trigger Webhook

Share information between your platforms when specific events happen.

Omnichannel Reach

Connect with Omnichannel tools like SMS, MMS & Email.

Custom Scheduling

Schedule holidays and weekends into your custom campaigns.

Follow the Sun

Call on your contacts’ timezone — never in the middle of the night.

Local Caller ID

Call from local, toll-free numbers to increase your response rates.

Build Cross Channel Follow-Ups into Your Customer Journey

Reach out at the right time on the right channel. Reduce missed opportunities with omnichannel outreach.

Keep the Conversation Flowing, Automatically

Don’t fall out of touch after the first contact. Maintain constant engagement to score the conversion.

Auto Responders

Engage efficiently through automated, keyword-triggered auto responders.

Email Automation

Drop an automated email after the delay on the first follow-up

Voice Response

Bring a personal touch to your automation with interactive voice response.

Transfer to Sales Team

Transfer your lead to sales to seal the deal on inbound inquiries.

Segment Leads

Address leads’ unique needs based on where they are in your workflow.

Opt-Out Management

Upload opt-out and closed lead lists so your workflow ends appropriately.

Advanced Filters

Filter your contact list based on detailed data points.

Mobile Scrubber

Separate mobile numbers from landlines to keep your database organized.

Send the Right Message with Lead Segmentation

Outreach isn’t one size fits all. Lead segmentation helps you say the right thing to the right people.