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Why Use Voice Announcements?

Whether you have an emergency notification, appointment reminder, or important promotion,
phone announcements help you communicate quickly and efficiently.

  • Broadcast your message without manual calls.

    When you have a message you need to send out but don’t have time to make individual calls, just record your broadcast and send out your call!

  • Reach hundreds of contacts with a single click.

    One message can reach your entire contact list with a recording and a click. Record your message, select your list, and launch your campaign.

Broadcast your message
Enable Live Connection
  • Enable live connections as needed.

    With a customized Inbound setup, your contacts can connect with a live agent if they have questions about your announcement.

  • Segment your list for customized messaging.

    Send your announcement to specific contacts with FlowUp’s easy-to-use segmentation and filtering capabilities.

Enjoy Greater Reach with Fewer Resources

Small teams can do big things with FlowUp’s voice announcement capabilities.

  • Focus your efforts on the most important tasks.

    Instead of keeping your team on the phone all day, use pre-recorded Telephone broadcasts as a one-and-done solution.

  • Schedule calls at the right time, from local numbers.

    Schedule your announcement to go out at the right time — even if you’re not available to manage the campaign. Setup the announcements on your schedule, and send them on theirs.

Focus your efforts
Reach Live recipients
  • Reach live recipients or voicemail inboxes.

    No answer? No problem. Your voice broadcast will still reach your recipients — the message will appear in their voicemail box if they miss your call.

  • Stay compliant with easy opt-in/opt-out management.

    FlowUp scrubs your contact list to ensure you don’t reach DNC numbers or leads who have opted out of your communications.

Voice Broadcasting Campaign Use Cases

Effective phone announcement solutions designed with your industry in mind.



Notify parents of modified school hours, weather cancellations, and other important events and holidays.

Real Estate


Invite donors to events, share information with volunteers, send fundraising announcements, and more.

Mortgage Lending


Schedule automated appointment reminders for clients without having to pick up the phone for individual phone calls.



Send election day reminders, coordinate volunteers, and inform constituents about your candidate’s policies.

Health & Wellness

Medicare/Health Insurance

Reach existing members and leads to announce upcoming policy updates, special promotions, payment reminders, and more.

Many more

Many more

If you have a wide audience that you need to reach quickly, voice broadcasts are the solution. Perfect for any industry!

Why Choose FlowUp for Phone Broadcasting

Choose the platform that handles the heavy lifting.
Automate and manage sophisticated, multi-pronged marketing campaigns from a single dashboard.



Say goodbye to manual follow-ups



Deploy your omnichannel campaigns effortlessly



Reach the right people at the right time



Create workflows that are uniquely yours



Do it all from a single platform