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What is
Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the series of communication affairs with customers through a diversified group of channels in order to conquer and foster a relationship and brand loyalty.

Customer Engagement helps you revitalize your business with Higher user lifetime value and reduced acquisition costs resulting in long-term, capital-efficient business growth. Delivering engaging messaging experiences to customers across all relevant channels while protecting their privacy is the key to effective customer engagement.

Build a Unique Workflow for Every Situation

From onboarding to repeat purchases, FlowUp provides the tools for a customer journey that delights at every stage.
Empower your team to build stronger connections with less effort.

  • Design your own strategy and let FlowUp do the rest
  • Respond immediately and accurately to inbound messages
  • Follow up instantly with new opt-ins
  • Easily manage opt-outs
Design Engaging Workflows

Engage with Customers Through Their Favorite Channels

Your customers communicate in multiple ways — connect with them their way.
Integrate multiple text and voice channels into your customer engagement outreach strategy.

lead engagement with Voice and SMS
  • Boost communication efficiency with the power of Calls, SMS and Email.
  • Call and text from local, toll-free numbers
  • Schedule weekends and holidays into your campaign
  • Segment customer number groups for easy followup

Be There for Your Customers — Even When You’re Off

With auto-responders, you can be there for your customers at all times and never miss a message.
Respond appropriately and instantly with customized pre-programmed responses.

  • Program SMS auto responses based on triggers
  • Schedule after-hours interactive voice responses
  • Enable a custom voicemail box for missed calls
  • Transfer sales calls to designated team members
Auto Responder

Target Your Communication with Customer List Segmentation

Keep your contacts organized with list segmentation.
FlowUp makes customer engagement easy, intuitive, and productive.

Lead Segmentation
  • Create advanced segments based on triggers
  • Segment customer by location and timezone
  • Implement demographic filters and segments
  • Track opt-outs and lost customers

Send Real-Time Updates to Your Existing Platforms

FlowUp’s Easy to use Integration without any coding requirements can help
you get all the real time information on the platform you need

  • Set webhook on desired events to get update
  • Wide range of CRM integrations with FlowUp
  • Never miss an update can result in Sales

Customer Engagement Use Cases

Leverage the power of Customer Engagement — no matter what industry you’re in

Real Estate

Real Estate

Let your clients know about new open houses in their area with smart segmentation and voicemail drops.

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending

Check-in with all of your warm leads at once, and let your current clients know about interest changes and product announcements.



Book your vacation rental faster with easy-to-send alerts on new availability and promotions.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Increase membership and sales with bulk follow-ups that reach your target audience instantly.