Effortless Drip Campaign Marketing Automation

Think drip campaigns are just for email? Think bigger.
FlowUp empowers you to touch more touchpoints

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Always-On Auto Responses for Drip Marketing Campaigns

Deliver an engaging and effective customer experience without manual effort.
FlowUp’s always-on auto responders ask the important questions for you.

  • Automatically reply to SMS and MMS messages
  • Trigger custom responses with keywords you program
  • Tailor your messaging to specific lead segments
  • Make opting out easy with keyword triggers
Drip Marketing Campaigns

Design a Custom Drip Campaign

Craft a custom drip campaign that touches every touchpoint. Whether you’re onboarding or following up,
you control every aspect of your campaign on our easy-to-use platform.

Sales Automation Software
  • Time it right with custom intervals between touchpoints
  • Launch drip campaigns when custom events occur
  • Trigger specific flows based on your contact response
  • Keep tabs on what’s working to optimize performance

Drip Marketing that Goes Beyond the Inbox

Drip campaigns aren’t just for email marketing. Reach your contacts on the channels they always check.
FlowUp’s Sales automation system makes the outreach personalized.

  • Turn every channel into a valuable touchpoint
  • Voicemail, call, SMS, and MMS capabilities
  • Call or text your contacts on their time zone
  • Reach out with a toll free, local number
Drip Marketing

Increase Efficiency with a Webhook that Talks to Your Tools

FlowUp’s API integration with webhook connects to your CRM and industry platforms so
you can share critical information in real-time. No coding required.

Flowup Integration
  • Trigger webhook on specific drip campaign events
  • Use FlowUp with the CRM of your choice
  • Stay up-to-date with cross-platform activities