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What is Omnichannel Communication?

Omnichannel communication is a multichannel strategy to customer interactions that stands out because it focuses on offering a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Businesses with omnichannel strategy consider all platforms and devices their customers will use to interact with them, and transform this information into a seamless experience. Every communication has the same elements in place that contribute to the customer's recognition and appreciation of a familiar and high-quality experience. It doesn't matter if you're communicating over voice, SMS, or email. The goal is to establish a close relationship with the consumer while also increasing customer loyalty.

Optimize Omnichannel Outreach Through Visual Workflow

Visual workflow allows you to tailor the customer communication experience with an intuitive display
that allows you to leverage multiple communication channels within the platform.

  • Design your own workflow for outreach

    Customize how you want to see performance metrics from each communication channel.

  • Use Multiple channels with Voice, SMS and Email

    Automate your communication through Ringless voicemail, Announcement, Press 1 Survey, Email and SMS and MMS and many more .

  • Smart Opt-in and Opt-out Management

    Enable your customers to subscribe or unsubscribe for any particular communication platform as they deem fit.

  • Reach your Prospect when and where they like

    Engage with potential customers on their preferred communication platform.

Omnichannel Outreach

Attract Your Customers At The Touch Points You Want

Automate and optimize the workflow with numerous touch points where
you can offer the potential customers a chance to engage with your business.

Engage Your Customer
  • No Dependency on single touch point

    Retain your customers by offering them multiple touch points for engagement.

  • Get better response with local and Toll-Free numbers

    Build trust and reliability among customers through personalized local and Toll free numbers.

  • Schedule your Campaign by specific Date and Time

    Reach out to your customers at the time they would be most likely to engage.

  • Reach your audience through Unique Number with Number Group

    Build a more personalized communication channel with a unique number.

Automated Inbound Communication

Build a streamlined and smooth process to engage more effectively
with your customers when they get in touch.

  • Create Unique Inbound flow with Keyword based Auto-Responder

    Respond faster to your customer queries with a personalized auto-responder that emulates human communication.

  • Engage leads to Live Person with Transfer to Sales

    Instantly direct leads from automated communication to the designated sales team.

  • Set Voicemail box when unavailable

    Let your customers know that you are always available to listen to their queries and concerns.

  • Get After hour Voicemails on your desired Email ID

    Receive all post-business hours’ customer communication on your email, so you can have a head start.

Automated Inbound Communication

Insightful Lead Segmentation

Utilize valuable and real-time business insights to compile potential and repeat customers into segments based on leads.

Lead Segmentation
  • Manage DNC and Closed Contacts

    Save time and money by separating DNC and Closed Contacts from prospects that you need to call.

  • Segment your Leads with variety of Filters

    Engage different performance metrics to categorize your leads more intuitively.

  • Segment leads based on response triggered actions

    Divide your leads into clusters by activating automated actions that depend on the customer responses.

  • Engage your leads at preferred time with Timezone based Segmented Leads

    Manage global customer communication by automatically dividing leads according to different time zones.

Connect FlowUp with the Tools You Already Use

FlowUp integrates with your CRM so you can share valuable insights between both platforms.
Don’t let administrative hassles slow down your sales.

  • Integrate FlowUp with any CRM software via API
  • Track follow-ups and lead information in one place
  • Access detailed customer insights

Omnichannel Communication Use Cases

Leverage the power of Omnichannel Communication — no matter what industry you’re in



Follow up on insurance quotes without wasting time on manual phone calls.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Let your clients know about new open houses in their area with smart segmentation and voicemail drops.

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending

Check-in with all of your warm leads at once, and let your current clients know about interest changes and product announcements.



Book your vacation rental faster with easy-to-send alerts on new availability and promotions.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Increase membership and sales with bulk follow-ups that reach your target audience instantly.

Many more

Many more

Every industry that wants to close more leads and improve its consumer engagement can benefit from ringless voicemail!