Drive more Sales
with Strategic Lead Nurturing

Track and Nurture every lead, every step of the way,
and enrich your Sales Funnel with Quality Leads to Grow Business.

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Design a Custom Lead Nurturing Workflow

With FlowUp’s follow-up automation platform, you can build a bespoke sales workflow
that moves your leads through the funnel from the initial contact to the final close.

  • Easily build the path to closing

    Design a visual workflow for each segment of your target audience.

  • Connect across multiple channels with a click

    Incorporate email, ringless voicemail, SMS, MMS, and more into your lead nurturing campaign.

  • Seamlessly systematize all leads

    Build a customized and automatic system for managing both opt-in and opt-out leads.

  • Follow your lead when they’re at their warmest

    Automatic nurturing means you can easily keep up with hot leads before they go cold.

Lead Nurturing Workflow

Stay Present Across Every Channel

Convert leads faster and build deeper relationships when you connect across multiple communication channels.
FlowUp supports ringless voicemail, SMS & MMS, email, voice announcements, press 1 survey, and a growing number of channels.

Stay Present Across Every Channel
  • Deploy versatile communication options

    Increase your revenue opportunities by nurturing leads across the channels they actually pay attention to.

  • Stay local

    Be local, wherever you are. Improve nurturing efforts with local and toll-free caller IDs.

  • Schedule strategically

    Time your lead nurturing touch points just right with detailed campaign setting options.

  • Assign multiple numbers to each campaign

    Use number groups to keep your communications varied.

Manage Inbound Leads Effortlessly

Inbound leads? Bring them on! With FlowUp, you can manage and communicate with inbound leads immediately and automatically. Just build the strategy, and we’ll make it flow!

  • Be there when they need you

    Inbound leads are ready to talk. FlowUp allows you to promptly transfer calls and communications to live agents.

  • Respond every time

    Use auto-responders to get back to leads right away — even while you’re out of the office.

  • Accept messages 24/7

    Receive and accept requests from leads at all times with an after-hours voice mailbox — no need to make them wait to call back the next morning!

  • Stay in the loop after hours

    Receive automated email updates with after-hours updates so you don’t miss a beat.

Inbound Leads

Strategically Nurture Leads with Smart Segmentation

For effective lead nurturing, relevance is everything. With FlowUp, you can create custom filters and segments to ensure you reach the right people with the right message.

Smart Segmentation
  • Create customized lead filters

    Distill your leads list down with specialized filters for demographics, interests, product lines, source, and more.

  • Segment leads based on action-driven triggers

    Keep track of your hottest leads with segmentation capabilities based on specific actions you define.

  • Keep your list clean and up-to-date

    Use contact statuses to easily classify your closed and DNC leads.

  • Localize your follow-ups

    Nurture leads on their timezone with geographical filters, no matter where your contact center is based.

Connect FlowUp with the Tools You Already Use

FlowUp integrates with your CRM so you can share valuable insights between both platforms.
Don’t let administrative hassles slow down your sales.

  • Integrate FlowUp with any CRM software via API
  • Track follow-ups and lead information in one place
  • Access detailed customer insights