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What is
Lead Engagement?

Lead engagement is a marketing strategy for bridging the gap between you and your prospective clients.

Lead engagement is filling the whitespace between marketers and customers by approaching them with varied communication channels where they live the most. Lead engagement is a crucial part of the sales process that focuses on the leads' journey within the sales funnel. When engaging a lead, salespeople must seize and shape the buyer's attention more than before. This can be accomplished by using a tried and true method of engaging buyers.

Design Engaging Workflows

Build a custom workflow that keeps the communication flowing between your leads and sales team.
Arm your team with the tool they need to be more productive and effective.

  • Build your own communication strategy
  • Instantly connect with new inbound leads
  • Touch base with new leads automatically
  • Manage opt-outs effortlessly
Design Engaging Workflows

Create Lead Engagement Through Voice and SMS

Don’t limit your communication to just one channel.
Maintain cohesive, ongoing connection through a variety of text and voice channels.

lead engagement with Voice and SMS
  • Effortlessly deliver SMS and emails with ease.
  • Contact your leads from local, toll-free numbers
  • Build holidays and weekends into your campaign schedule

Make Engagements Automatic with Auto Responders

Auto responders free your team from the routine communications so they can focus on the most important conversations.
Stay top-of-mind with the ability to engage leads 24/7.

  • Write unique responses based on actions or keywords
  • Implement interactive voice responses, even after hours
  • Transfer hot leads to sales for one-on-one conversations
  • Set up a custom voicemail box while you’re away
Auto Responder

Segment Leads for More Effective Engagement

Keep your engagement organized and relevant with sophisticated segmentation and filters.
Connect with your audience their way.

Lead Segmentation
  • Identify your hottest leads to close the deal faster
  • Segment leads by timezone to reach out at their preferred times
  • Create filters based on geographic and demographic data
  • Engage based on response-triggered actions

Send Real-Time Updates to Your Existing Platforms

FlowUp’s Easy to use Integration without any coding requirements can help
you get all the real time information on the platform you need

  • Set webhook on desired events to get update
  • Wide range of CRM integrations with FlowUp
  • Never miss an update can result in Sales

Lead Engagement Use Cases

Leverage the power of Lead Engagement — no matter what industry you’re in

Real Estate

Real Estate

Let your clients know about new open houses in their area with smart segmentation and voicemail drops.

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending

Check-in with all of your warm leads at once, and let your current clients know about interest changes and product announcements.



Book your vacation rental faster with easy-to-send alerts on new availability and promotions.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Increase membership and sales with bulk follow-ups that reach your target audience instantly.