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Why Use Interactive Voice Response Surveys?

Deliver key messages. Collect key insights. Make key connections.

  • Get immediate responses without making manual calls.

    With Press-1 surveys, you can collect feedback from your entire contact list rapidly, without requiring live agents to call one at a time.

  • Spend time chatting with the hottest leads.

    Connect directly with the prospects who WANT to talk to you. Call hundreds of numbers with a click and funnel through only the leads who want to talk to your agents.

Why SMS Marketing
Two way Communication
  • Easily scale your survey campaign.

    With FlowUp, it’s easy to ramp up or slow down your campaign depending on how many numbers you’re calling and how many agents are available.

  • Create a seamless bridge to your sales team.

    Enable your leads to speak directly with a sales specialist by pressing 1 and automatically transferring them.

Telephone Surveys Made Easy & Efficient

Why call one contact at a time when you can reach your entire list with a click?

  • Succeed at any size.

    Whether your organization has a communications team of 1 or 100, FlowUp’s automated phone surveys are effective for teams of all shapes and sizes.

  • Extend your reach with mobile and landline targeting.

    Broaden the reach of your Press-1 survey campaign with FlowUp’s ability to reach both mobile numbers and landlines.

Take your engagement to the next level
Two way Communication
  • Help your team work smarter, not harder.

    Free up your team’s time by giving them the tools to connect only with the leads who are interested — instead of each person on the list.

  • Glean immediate insights from your audience.

    Tele surveys allow you to ask questions that unearth meaningful insights on
    how your organization is doing and what’s most important to your audience.

Use Cases for Telephone Press-1 Survey

Effective Automated phone survey solutions designed with your industry in mind.



Conduct educational research efficiently and collect important student, faculty, and alumni feedback with ease.

Real Estate


Utilize Telephone survey campaigns to gauge performance on your nonprofit’s events, fundraising efforts, volunteer satisfaction, and more.

Mortgage Lending


Connect your mortgage lending sales agents with only the leads who are interested in a Press-1 campaign.



Conduct phone surveys to find out what issues your constituency cares about, what their stances are, which party they identify with, and more.

Health & Wellness

Medicare/Health Insurance

Use Tele-Survey campaigns for insurance payment reminders, important notices, lead follow-ups, and other communication needs.

Many more

Many more

Press-1 campaigns are an effective, affordable, and scalable communication tool for almost any industry!

Why Choose FlowUp for Press-1 Campaigns

Choose the platform that handles the heavy lifting.
Automate and manage sophisticated, multi-pronged marketing campaigns from a single dashboard.



Say goodbye to manual follow-ups



Deploy your omnichannel campaigns effortlessly



Reach the right people at the right time



Create workflows that are uniquely yours



Do it all from a single platform