5 Ways Call Tracking Supercharges Your Marketing

If call tracking is unfamiliar to you, you might assume it’s a tool used just by contact centers to keep agents on task. But trust me it’s more than that! Call tracking offers a wide range of options for marketing teams and assists operational teams in achieving bumped productivity and sales. Wishing for Higher ROI on your Marketing! 

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What is call tracking?

A cloud-based technology associated with the process of collaborating offline phone calls to online customer journeys is called call tracking. This system is the powerhouse of monitoring and tracking visitors, phone calls, events, and goals. Call tracking is a software-driven performance marketing strategy that generates and correlates a unique phone number to a certain marketing campaign. Call tracking is nothing but the system of recording customer information for future reference.

Call tracking delivers entities a wealth of information about their customers, including caller IDs, caller times, representative identities, desired services, location, and even transcripts of their conversations.

Why is call tracking significant in marketing?

One of the most important and considerable components of innovative marketing techniques is effortlessly managing the success of multiple campaigns along with executing data-driven decisions. Here, marketers are co-equipped with marketing attribution; they can assign unique phone numbers to each different campaign to know which strategies are driving the most calls. This effectiveness of measuring the campaign to its greater extent assesses the return on investment (ROI) for each campaign. 

Call tracking holds a main key in the marketing aspects. There are several reasons to note down why it’s significant. Let’s have a few lists of them;

  • The information /data collected from the call tracking is important to have a deeper knowledge of customer preferences, behaviors, and pain points.
  • For better allocation of budget and resources lead attribution is a must. With call tracking, leads can be attributed efficiently enabling marketers to monitor which specific ads are generating a higher number of phone calls.
  • To drive the campaign with full-fledged effectiveness and a higher rate of success, call tracking involves the valuable data that makes the marketers informed regarding several marketing decisions from campaign adjustments to refining tactics.

For better understanding let’s have one small example ;

An HVAC services company thinks of advertising on multiple platforms like Google, social media channels, newspapers, etc.. Now, they selected unique phone numbers for each platform and the company found out that 70% of their calls originated from Social media platforms, 20% from Google ads/ websites, and 10% from local newspapers.

So what’s the matter of point? The ultimate goal of assigning unique phone numbers to each campaign is to get deeper insights that smoothly assist marketers to better allocate to online campaigns that generate the most number of leads.

How does call tracking work?

The functioning of call tracking is simple yet effortless, enabling marketers or users to track and analyze the phone calls generated from multiple marketing campaigns. Let’s crack up the step-by-step functioning of the call tracking system ;

  • Distributing Unique Phone Numbers

ABC firm which involves four different marketing campaigns will assign a unique phone number to all these Google ads, facebook ads, email marketing, and local newspaper ads to make a great difference between sources of incoming calls.

  • Automatically forwarding incoming calls

The next step includes the forwarding of incoming client calls to the main phone line. For illustration, Fitness Gym receives a call from the source of Google ads, then the call will be forwarded seamlessly to the main reception of the gym’s desk.

  • Collecting the call logging data

The system automatically gathers all the essential calls and logs data like Caller ID, Call Duration, Geographic location, and the marketing source after receiving the call. Suppose, a call was generated in the firm for a query via Facebook ads around 4 pm with 5 5-minute call duration and was recognized as a local caller.

  • Recording client calls

Call recordings are identified as helpful for quality assurance, training purposes, and gaining insights from customer interactions. The real estate agents record all the client calls to identify their needs and preferences for future updation and then follow up with/ personalized offerings to their potential clients

  • Analyzing the call data

For evaluating the campaign’s performance results call tracking system analyzes the collected data which aids supports to businesses to generate reports that can offer insights into;

  • Which marketing channels/ campaigns are generating more calls
  • The demographics of the potential caller
  • Peak call timings
  • Call conversion rates

Based on the above report, the business plan strategically moves towards running more campaigns during those peak hours.

5 valuable ways to call tracking to supercharge your marketing….

Implementing call tracking means investing your savings in long-term results for better customer retention and higher ROI. Let’s simplify some of the graceful aspects of call-tracking technology that empower your marketing teams.

Figure out customer behavior

Get accurate data on customer behavior such as call duration, frequency, and the crux of the conversation. Call tracking assists with overviewing customer needs and preferences leading to more tailored marketing techniques. Marketing teams who indulge in call tracking technology are employed with 360 degrees of customer behavior.

Recognizes campaign performance

Call tracking is fully energized with the greatness of monitoring the incoming calls generated from particular campaigns to know which one runs better. This showcases the better opportunities for the marketing team to efficiently allocate budgets to high-performing channels.

Specify conversation attribution

One of the highly recommendable ways if you wanna insert energy into your marketing approach. Call tracking attributes the customer conversation within particular marketing actions to demonstrate which channels are driving the most customer engagement.

Refines ad targeting tactics

Valuable insights gained from call tracking underpin the marketers to cope with refining ad targeting tactics by understanding which keywords, ads, and landing pages are generating the most calls. This is one of the most efficient ways to make decisions for effective ad spending and supercharging your marketing.

Cross-channel integration

Facilitating the use of inclusive cross-channel marketing techniques to guarantee consistency and promote overall campaign efficacy. Call tracking process with integration of data from multiple marketing sources to have a 360-degree customer interaction.

What are upcoming trends in call tracking?

Call tracking is a maturing tenacity that sustains pace with advances in tech. Let’s have a discussion on some grateful and innovative upcoming trends in call tracking to stay ahead of the arch.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Algorithms

The amalgamation of AI and machine learning algorithms along with call tracking technology are executing more sophisticated analytics. AI is empowered with the transcription of calls, identification of relevant keywords, and catching of customer sentiment while ML Algorithms predict future outcomes and offer actionable insights.

Seamless Integration w/ Omni Channel platforms

Coming up with a unified view of customer interaction across all channels, Omnichannel marketing ensures a cohesive customer experience for those who want to seamlessly switch between channels while making contact. As call tracking technology is rapidly growing its advancement degree with omnichannel marketing platforms businesses can deliver a consistent and personalized CX.

Advanced Multiple Attribution Models

With the upgradation in call tracking systems, it’s moving ahead for collaborating with the advanced level of attribution models to offer a comprehensive view of the customer journey. Multi-touch attribution models are the activities of tracking interactions across multiple channels like social media/email/websites/etc.. before initiating a call. Multiple attributions guide businesses to conduct a better overview of how different touchpoints contribute to their conversion rates.

Modernized Customer Journey Mapping

The rise of generating elaborated customer journey mapping is getting highlighted in call tracking technology. Several industries including automotive i.e. car dealerships make use of call tracking to map out customer journeys from initial online inquiries to test drive booking and final purchase decisions. These upcoming and innovative trends are likely to create comprehensive maps of customer journeys along with key touchpoints identification.


Upgrade your marketing performance by offering real-time data on where calls originated, to better understand where and why customers pick up the phone. Call tracking is one of the most beneficial instruments for tracking marketing activity designed to generate calls to a business. Schedule a free trial now and start tracking the tone of a phone conversation with our advanced call tracking and analytics solutions!