How Drip Campaigns can be a game-changer for Real Estate Lead Generation?

If you’re in real estate, you know how important it is to work smarter, not harder.

There is a lot on your plate. From running around town for viewings to marketing your listings and communicating with buyers, sellers, and prospects, real estate agents have a long list of time-consuming responsibilities. Not to mention how challenging it can be to both deal with rejections and keep your pipeline full of leads and listings! It’s a tough job.

Effective lead generation and marketing are critical for busy and fast-moving real estate agents, and that’s where drip campaign automation comes in. With drip marketing, real estate agents can nurture and engage with prospects, leads, buyers, and sellers efficiently and effectively — even while they’re away from their phone, laptop, or office.

Keep reading to learn more about how marketing automation and drip campaigns can save real estate agents time and produce winning results.

Benefits of Marketing Automation in Real Estate

Real estate agents who utilize marketing automation reap real benefits. These are some of the reasons to automate routine aspects of your communication, outreach, and engagement:

  • Personalization without the effort: List filtering and segmentation means you can always send the right information to the right people, without having to do so manually.
  • Improved lead nurturing process: With automation, lead nurturing is automatic and effortless; saving you valuable time from individual follow-ups done one at a time.
  • Enhanced organization: Keep all of your client information and communication logs in one place so you know where the exchange left off.
  • Quick communication: Automated follow-ups and drip campaigns mean you can be in touch with your prospects instantly, before they have time to go cold.
  • High visibility and transparency: Marketing automation tools provide valuable insights on which campaigns and messages were the most effective, and which ones fell flat.

Drip Campaign Marketing for Real Estate

A drip campaign is a series of automated messages that are sent when a specific trigger is fired. That trigger could be an event such as scheduling an appointment, joining your mailing list, downloading a brochure, attending an open house, or another opt-in action.

Drip campaigns often take shape in the form of an email series, but there are many other effective communication channels that may be included in a drip campaign for better results. For example, text messaging has significantly higher open rates than email marketing. Other channels include ringless voicemail, phone calls, and more.

Real estate agents can create a series of messages that are targeted to each different type of prospect or lead.

Here are some examples of the different marketing materials and content agents may want to send to each lead type:


  • Recent new listings
  • Upcoming open houses
  • General housing market information in their area of interest
  • New property price drops
  • Home buying resources: understanding loans and mortgage rates, things to look for during viewings, choosing the right inspector, etc.
  • Testimonials from previous buyers you have worked with


  • Details on recent homes you’ve sold
  • Updates on scheduled viewings
  • Pricing and updates on other homes that have sold in their area
  • Home selling resources: tips for staging and open houses, increasing home value, etc.
  • Testimonials from previous sellers you’ve worked with

How FlowUp Solves Common Real Estate Challenges

FlowUp is an easy-to-use, user-friendly solution to many of the common lead generation and lead nurturing challenges faced by real estate professionals. With FlowUp, real estate agents can strategize and launch multi-faceted, omnichannel campaigns to easily and quickly connect with their prospects, leads, and clients.

FlowUp enables real estate agents to set up automatic follow-ups and drip campaigns from a single platform that includes email, SMS, MMS, ringless voicemail, phone calls, surveys, voice announcements, and more.

Drip campaigns can be scheduled at custom intervals, so your communication is frequent enough to stay relevant, but spaced out enough to avoid irritating leads. FlowUp integrates with your CRM so you can keep all of your information in one place. For more information, request a demo today!