How to keep your eCommerce Customers Satisfied throughout the Customer Life Cycle?

keep your e-commerce customers satisfied throughout the Customer Life Cycle with Marketing Automation

The heart of e-commerce business lies in managing customer relationships. The eCommerce customer life cycle is composed of several stages from customer engagement with the product or service to actually purchasing it. Engaging with customers at every stage of this lifecycle is very important if you want to reach out to your customer’s exact needs. … Read more

Boost Your Business Conversions With Automated Customer Segmentation

Automated Customer Segmentation to deliver Better result

No doubt, all businesses are set up to make a profit—even the ones set up to solve a particular problem(s). We live in a business world that is as competitive as never before. Strategies need to be implemented to sustain and improve business conversions. Automated customer segmentation is one contemporary business strategy that allows you … Read more

How To Enrich Your Sales Enablement using Marketing Automation Software?


“Value.” If you are a business person, no matter what you sell, you must have heard of the word “value.” Value is so important in the business and marketing space because you cannot drive sales without it. Value is the importance or benefit customers get from purchasing your product or services. No doubt! Every sales … Read more

Why Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Automation is a must to win more sales?


Customers are no longer limited to in-person purchases and increasingly use many other channels to make purchases. A central marketing principle is for your business to be where your customers are. These days, your customers are pretty much everywhere, on Social media, websites, Calls, Voicemails, Emails, etc. To keep up with your customers, you need … Read more

Top 10 Sales Follow-up Email Templates That Boost The Conversion

Does this find familiar to you? For example, your potential client comes to your website. They show a great interest in your business products or services. They even download some digital products or sign up for a free trial of what you offer. You then initiate a conversation, send them a welcome email, and nurture … Read more

How to do Sales Follow-ups without Annoying your Prospects?

Suppose you have performed thorough research on a prospect. You are now ready to call with them and discuss how your solutions can resolve their pain points. Let’s pause here for one moment. Getting in sales calls with a prospect on the very first attempt may not always be that easy. There are tons of … Read more

Sales Automation Software: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation in 2022

Sales don’t come automatically, even when you have a great product or service. To close a deal requires effort and time. In the past, all of the work needed to be done manually. Fortunately, the days of taking care of everything by hand are over. Those repetitive tasks that can close down the sales process … Read more

Close More Sales – Reach Leads at the Best Times on the Best Channels

As technologies advance, the number of available marketing channels continues to grow. On top of that, each individual consumer has personal preferences on how and when they like to be contacted. Even with lead segmentation and a strong marketing strategy, a firm understanding of your consumers’ daily routines can be tricky. Without this knowledge, they … Read more

Lead Engagement Platforms – The Key to Sales Success and Efficiency

We’ve all heard it before: follow-ups are the key to closing sales. But the reality of many salespeoples’ lives is that there just isn’t enough time in the day for both customer acquisition and retention initiatives. So how do you ensure you’re engaging effectively with your leads without having the process eat up large amounts … Read more

Top 5 Strategies to Energize your Debt Collection Campaigns

Whether you’re a sales rookie or an experienced debt collector, it’s hard to deny the debt collection process continues to dramatically change as technology advances our ability to know more about individual debtors. Prospects need to be increasingly contacted with personalized, engaging communications when reaching them with reminders about the due payment — a “one … Read more