Customer Communication Strategy to Boost Sales

We live in a fast world, and everything, including your sales process, has to be fast. In other words, there is more competition now than ever in many industries, and keeping up with your goals has become significantly more difficult. So, if you don’t want to lose customers regularly, you have to make decisions and make them fast. Fortunately, one way to do this is to boost your sales process by adopting a customer communication strategy to get things done more quickly.

Before we dive into the ‘how.’ Let’s clarify a few things first.

What is Sales Acceleration?

This is a set of procedures that help a business move through its sales cycle faster. It allows you to convert leads into buyers much more quickly. Most companies do this by using automated systems and omnichannel strategies.

In this article, you find out how customer communication management strategy boosts sales acceleration.

What is Customer Communication Strategy?

Customer communication is a company’s way of interacting with its customers, right from when you get their attention to post-sales customer experience.

A customer communication plan is a set of processes or tools that allow you to interact with customers on their terms. This allows customers to choose a preferred communication channel with businesses.

The Benefits of Customer Communication Strategy to Sales Acceleration

Sales acceleration seems basic on the surface level. But converting leads to customers takes a lot more than it used to. First, you want to identify aspects of your sales cycle that need improvement. Then, you want to find strategies that can help you improve those areas. Improving those areas would help your sales team become faster and more efficient.

This is where a customer communication & engagement strategy comes in. It allows you to;

1. Attract and Keep New Customers.

A customer communication tactics helps you engage leads and make them your customers. Also, it helps you keep them as long-term customers of your business.

2. Improve Brand Perception.

How people perceive your brand goes a long way in deciding whether they believe in your services or not. A good customer communication tactics should help improve how customers see your brand.

3. Solidify Brand Consistency.

After creating a brand image, you want to have methods for maintaining the image you have built. And what better way to do this than to have channels for engaging your customers? When you engage customers, you know how they see the brand and find out areas to improve your brand.

4. Deepen Engagement and loyalty.

A good customer engagement strategy builds trust in customers. Showing concern about a customer’s customer experience fosters trust. Empathizing with their budget also strengthens their loyalty to the brand.

How to build an effective customer communication strategy for sales acceleration

1. A Dedicated Customer Service

A good business should help its customers get the exact results promised in the ads they saw. Having a customer service manager is one way to improve customer experience.

The customer service manager guides your customers through their sales journey. The manager will attempt to build a close relationship with the customer. He does this by helping them when they need it. This will cause the customer to develop a high level of loyalty to the business.

2. Segment Customers

Grouping customers based on targeted characteristics can help you provide them with personalized services. This prevents you from making assumptions when setting up your marketing strategies. Customers make better buying options when they get personalized services from businesses.

For instance, when a professional cleaning company is targeting 2 target audiences Residential and Commercial, they can segment their leads and reach them with personalized message with most relevant cleaning services and quotes.

3. Omnichannel Communication Approach

Studies show that omnichannel communication strategies help businesses keep 89% of their customers. This is 50% more than businesses that don’t use omnichannel communication strategies. Using an omnichannel communication platform allows you to help your customers. It also helps you provide them with the best services both online and in physical stores. Flowup’s omnichannel system is used by several businesses and gives you all you need to keep your customers happy.

4. SMS Chat Bots

The average user wants to get answers to their questions ASAP. Your ability to provide quick answers helps you keep customers. Customers tend to stick with businesses that offer fast and personalized customer service.

Employing the use of Conversational SMS bots is one way to provide your customers with 24/7 support.

Studies show that 63% of customers stay loyal to brands that have the live chat feature.

A Conversational SMS tbot allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers. They also allow you to resolve queries in no time.

5. Use Self-service Channels

Studies show that most customers prefer self-service and other available digital options. They would rather use options that make it easy to make inquiries, such as online chat and mobile apps. To provide efficient self-service for your customers, you need to think like them.

In other words, you need to know. You can do this by creating FAQs using samples you get from the daily questions you get from your customers. This way, customers have access to relevant information for troubleshooting on their own.

Some of the most effective customer self-help resources include video tutorials, clear and easy-to-understand instructional materials, and a knowledge base.

6. Observing customer communication metrics

If you are unable to measure key metrics around your customer service communication, then you simply cannot improve it. You need to track things such as your first and average response time to customers. You should also assess customers’ satisfaction.

This way, you can know the level of satisfaction among your customers and what you need to improve upon. You can do this with flowup. Flowup allows you to track calls and analyze them for relevant data.

7. Regular customer feedback

Customer feedback is a vital weapon that you should always request and take advantage of. Customer feedback helps you to improve your service in many ways.

It helps you assess your customer’s opinion of your business brand. It helps you identify key areas of your business that need improvement. It helps you build long-term relationships by initiating a conversation and also gives your customers the feeling that you care about their opinions.

Finally, you shouldn’t just get feedback from your customers. You want to also act on it and carry your customers along on your major decisions. This makes them feel like they are part of the brand too.

8. Be proactive, not reactive.

To improve your sales acceleration, you don’t want to use only reactive methods. Have a system of internal assessment for your services and strategies. This way, you can identify potential problems and provide solutions to them before they materialize. A proactive approach to problems helps maintain positive customer relationships.


Fortunately, implementing a customer communication strategy has never been easier. Flowup allows you to engage your customers through calls, emails, and SMS. It also allows you to integrate all your tools on one platform. This helps you manage your sales procedures and keep all your teams on board and in sync.

With Flowup, you can;

  • Design Customized Workflow
  • Manage Multiple Campaigns
  • Engage and Follow up leads
  • Strategically Segment Leads
  • Analyze Customer feedback
  • Carry out surveys
  • Set up autoresponders with SMS Bot and so on.

With Flowup, you can also Implement strategies that will help you boost your sales acceleration. To know more how FlowUp can be your one-stop solution, connect with our expert today at or schedule a demo, and get ready to accelerate your sales funnel.