FlowUp Product Update – August 2021

Here are the new updates we are adding in FlowUp, for better customer experience and streamlined productivity. Let’s take a look:

Testing of Strategy in Edit or Preview Mode:

Testing of Strategy in Edit or Preview Mode

Earlier the platform has a small limitation where the users were not able to send the Test Message or Voicemail or Call when the strategy is in Edit or Preview mode. But, based on thorough testing and valuable feedbacks from Clients and our Core Team, we have added this feature. Now users will be able to test the strategy in Edit or Preview mode.

Edit or Replace Prompt Files:

Edit or Replace Prompt Files

Based on the suggestions for our Beta Testers and a few Early adopter clients, we have revised one more feature during this product release and that is regarding editing or replacing the Prompt files in strategy. In case, the user feels that the existing Prompt file is not working for them or has any other issue, they had a free hand now to go and replace it with a new one.

Visibility of Permanent and Temporary SPAM Numbers

Visibility of Permanent and Temporary SPAM Numbers

It was a creating Blackhole situation for Users when a Caller ID number gets flagged as Parmenant or Temporary SPAM number. Till the last update, they were not able to see which are numbers got flagged as SPAM and due to them, their campaign is not working as they planned. With this release, we have offered them the visibility to check how many and which numbers are in SPAM, so user can add fresh numbers in number group to continue the campaign.

Detailed Campaign Report with 2 more added Reasons for Message Failure

Detailed Campaign Report with 2 more added reasons for Message Failure

Knowing the reason for message failure is very important that we felt during the conversation with our Beta Clients. Hence, we have added 2 more reasons they can see for their message failure

  • Contacts failed due to Permanent or Temporary SPAM number
  • Rejected by Carrier

Ability to Check the Health Status of Numbers Purchased

Ability to check the Health status of Numbers purchased

With this update, Users will be able to check the health of their Caller ID numbers, once they run the campaign. Based on the health report, users will be able to decide to continue with the same number or go for the new one.

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