How to Follow-up with Dead leads?

If you are sales you must know that every living person is your lead, but you also have to understand that any lead is never dead, it can be dropped temporarily though. The only thing is you must know when and how to follow up on such dropped leads. Let’s take a quick look at how to follow up on it.

Tips to Re-engage with Dead leads

1. Acclimatize yourself with Homework

Do your homework before you begin re-engagement. Examine your previous talks and, if you took decent notes in your CRM, make use of them. Examine the social media accounts of your lead. Have they been writing on issues related to your product’s industry? If they have, this could signal that they are interested (a trigger), indicating that now is a good moment to contact them.

2. Begin by Testing the Water

Salespeople are accused of being pushy by 84 percent of buyers. Instead of going right for the pitch in your first outreach, start with a “feeler” to pique their attention and start a conversation. That’s just another way of saying send them something of genuine value for nothing.

3. Build conversation with Telesurveys and Opinion poll Emails

Sending basic survey emails or online polls is another technique to contact previous leads. Ask yourself where you went wrong or right. Include a priority list of possible causes for their abandonment of your funnel. To keep the dialogue going, keep the options short and limited, and end with a call to action.

4. Leverage Trigger events with SMS marketing + Conversational SMS bots

Scrutinize the profiles of your leads, as previously said. If you see any personal events, recent accomplishments, or victories, or simply begin by wishing a happy festival season and use it as an opportunity to reach out with short and simple SMS. In this outreach, avoid the sales pitch and instead wish or congratulate them, keeping it short and honest with a call to action to trigger conversation chatbot. Allow him to remember you first and then to start the conversation.

5. Catch up with them with your Progress

Talk about what’s new with them once the line is open. It’s been a few months since you last spoke with us, and things are bound to change. Meanwhile, keep them updated on your progress. discussing what has changed with your product Discuss the differences. Concentrate on new features, discounts, and processes, and be sure to emphasize the advantages they provide to your client.

6. Launch a Drip Marketing Campaign

Marketing automation tools like Flowup can help you set up a drip campaign. Create, schedule, and send a series of outreach messages tailored to your leads’ interests using multichannel marketing campaign automation. This is more on the marketing side of things, but it might serve to pique the interest of old leads.

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