How to leverage the Affiliate Summit West 2021?

When you are attending such a gigantic event, what you need is to attend it with the right frame of the mindset that helps squeeze the maximum out of it. It is a place where you are meeting the industry you work in and representing yourself and your company but what is more important is to learn and network limitless and for that, you need to attend it with a proper focused strategy and clear goals to achieve at the end of it.

Let’s dig in more.

#1 Study the Agenda carefully before you get ready

The whole event will be full of sessions that will impart lots of information and knowledge that will be ultimately valuable, but do you think all of them will be useful for you and you will be able to implement it in your short-term business strategy.

The answer is NO. That’s why you need to narrow your focus, study the daily agenda logically and choose the events carefully to attend that will give value-addition in your business and operation strategy for the next planning quarter or maybe a year to boost the business.

#2 Spare more time on Networking

What is more important for any business? People.

If you know more people worldwide that directly or indirectly belong to your business, your growth chances will increase 2X. So, what is the most beautiful place than Affiliate Summit to network with people who can give you business or who can help you give productive business ideas.

#3 Aim to End-up with a couple of Good Deals

Coming back with only knowledge and zero business deal doesn’t worth you to be here. Learning is very important but at the end of the day, what you made to attend such an event is your business. If you can’t end up with a few good business deals, there is no point to be there.

Focus on opportunities and people who can be more relevant and possibly you can set up a business partnership with them.

#4 No one knows Future Clients, just focus on your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Whatever we discussed is completely right, but no one has a list of future clients in a dream at the night before you attend Summit. In fact, it is not actually what you must focus. Instead of focusing on specific people, be clear on your Ideal Customer Profile, whom you serve, what benefits you are delivering and how they can be benefited. Just keep looking for and meeting such ICPs and sharing your business ideas.

#5 Be ready with Implementation Strategy, before your board for your Flight to Home

Everything you gather is irrelevant until you implement it with the right strategy. Make your mind clear about what and how you are going to do, your action plan on what information you gathered, and how you will keep in touch with and do business with people you added to your network during the event.

Everything you need to keep in your mind, but what all ask before this is, keep your mind positive and excited when you enter the event. Just go in and Rock the world..!!