How to Improve Follow-Ups with Voice & SMS Enabled Customer Engagement Solution?

Customer engagement is one of the most important aspects of running a business today. This is especially true in the digital world, where most of the communication is done with customers where they are most available. Customer engagement is how you interact with the customers and they interact with your brand. Customer engagement can occur through many different channels, and it’s often best to take an omnichannel approach, as you will see below.

When you have more and better customer interactions, it can help buyers start seeing your brand as more valuable. The increased customer engagement can also provide you with deeper insight into who your customers are and what they want.

What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

A customer engagement platform is a type of software used to help businesses manage their relationships and handle follow-ups with customers. It can help marketers to better analyze and improve upon the customer journey. It can help them better connect with their customers across various channels and on different devices.

How Can Omnichannel Customer Engagement Software Be Useful?

Innovative outreach to Intelligent Customers:

Omnichannel communication is an intelligent marketing technique to reach more innovative customers. With a more educative environment, customers are now aware of all marketing gigs used by marketers to connect with them. As a reaction to this marketer action, customers also have an intelligent avoidance strategy on some specific channels to avoid unwanted repetitive marketing communications.

This avoidance action by customers sometimes keeps them uninformed about something they are keenly interested in and attempting to search. The only missing link between this type of marketer and customer action is few other touch bases at some other responsive channels.

Surprises customers with Multichannel Presence:

The omnichannel Customer Engagement platform offers marketers a tool to reach customers with multiple channels and multiple messages. It works as a surprise element for customers who avoid some channels they feel are filled with Spam communications.

Create a sense of urgency:

Sometimes, customers have some urgent needs, but they are unaware of why they need to react now. Omnichannel Customer Engagement shares the information in more than one place, creating urgency for customers to act now.

How can FlowUp help you Design an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy using Voice and SMS?

Handcrafted Visual Workflows:

FlowUp lets you create a customized workflow based on the responsiveness of your target audience. You can plan your follow-up strategy with the number of days you want to reach your leads, how many follow-ups you want to make on those leads, and how you want to connect them with which channels.

Perfect Blend of Outbound and Inbound communication:

With FlowUp, You will be able to make two types of Follow-up strategies: Outbound and Inbound.

The outbound strategy will help you set up a dip follow-up communication without dependency on single-channel outreach. With Inbound strategy, you can manage all the responses coming in and set up a consent-driven follow-up and outreach.

Use a mixture of Voice and SMS Channels:

FlowUp lets you use multiple Voice and SMS channels like Announcement, Press 1 surveys, Ringless voicemails, SMS, and MMS to create a widespread communication approach. Also, in the near future, we are planning to equip FlowUp with more channels like Email, Facebook and Whatsapp, Apple business chat, Push notifications, SMS bot, and AI Sales assist.

Create Breathing space with Well-planned Delays:

Reaching someone constantly, create noise instead of making it informative. FlowUp has an ultimate functionality to define the delay between two communications. This delay can be either an hour, a day or a custom date range. This delay functionality will give some breath to the customer and allow him to think logically instead of getting fed up with the constant disturbance.

Clever use of Auto-responder and Transfer calls:

FlowUp lets you stay connected with your leads through Auto-responders in SMS and in calls through Transfer calls to the sales team to get the instant reaction of customers. This instantaneous response expeditates the chances of closing
24*7 availability with Afterhour voicemail tool: FlowUps lets you set up a functionality where if anyone reaches you back on the caller ID during after hours, they can leave a voicemail and that can be received on your desired email ID

Make a Difference in Your Business Today

If you are genuinely ready to take your customer engagement to the next level, it’s time that you chose to work with FlowUp. The all-in-one marketing and sales management software can provide you with follow-up automation and improved lead engagement. Given the benefits discussed above regarding the omnichannel customer engagement software, it’s easy to see why it’s worth your time and money. Get in touch to learn more about what FlowUp can do for your business and get started now.