Top 5 Marketing channels that work the most for Automated Follow-ups

Marketing channels are venues that you can use to communicate information about your brand, product, or service to your target audience. Using these channels allows you to assist your consumers with any problems or challenges they may have while also positioning your company to achieve your marketing objectives.

However, not all marketing platforms are suitable for all of your business objectives. As a result, you must first determine which marketing channel to employ and then put best practices in place to reach a certain goal.

Let’s take a look at some of the best channel options to set up your automated follow-up campaigns:

Top 5 Marketing Channels to use for Follow-up Automation:

In most cases, channels with Voice, SMS, and Email works best to set up an Omnichannel Automated Lead Follow-up campaign. Here are those 5 you can count on:

1. Text Messages:

Mobiles are the most necessary thing in today’s world. Everyone in the world most probably owns a mobile phone at least which can receive a phone call and a simple text message. And that is why this is the medium where most of the target audience is attentive and responsive.

2. Announcements and Press-1 Surveys:

People around the globe answer an average of 7 calls out of 10 calls received during the day. This ratio makes the perfect room for marketers to make their target audience made the offer listen and plant brand awareness within their decision palate.

Press-1 surveys are even better as it helps you get an immediate response with the Interactive voice response system by pressing a number for a typical category of answer and connecting the interested audience to the sales team for further follow-ups immediately.

3. Ringless Voicemails:

People around the world receive too many calls and hence 3 people out of 10 who do not answer the calls are belong to the group of busy people, who believe in ignoring unknown numbers and that’s where the door gets closed for marketers. But, Ringless voicemail helps them to reach such a target audience without ringing their phone and leaving the voicemail to listen to the offer in their right state of mind.

4. Emails:

It’s a fact that more than 50% of the population of the world is a young brigade and hardly 1% of them are detached from the internet. Email is the most common form of communication used by formal or informal communication and each and every person checks their inbox 3-4 times a day. This fact makes your inbox is a better place to reach your audience with your follow-up message to get read and receive responses.

5. Social media:

According to a survey, young people spend 60% of their productive time on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., and due to this, social media has become the obvious choice of the marketers to put their offers with a very segmented manner targeting a specific demographic group of audience, with the highest relativity with their needs.


Above mentioned 5 channels are the obvious choice of any marketer nowadays, but when planning automated follow-ups using them, using them individually can be non-productive. It’s time to introduce the Omnichannel communication approach with follow-up automation.

To know more, about how you can use all these multiple channels from a single platform to set up an automated follow-up campaign reach us at and get ready to take your follow-ups to the next level.