How to Improve your Lead Conversion rate?

When you see the lead information start to pour in, it can give you a thrilling vibe. You’ve got a large list of names you’re excited to convert since that ebook, webinar, or landing page hit it out of the park.

Then… nothing much happens. You might get a couple of customers, but everyone else seems to be leaving. Have you ever put a thought, what actually goes wrong in such cases? Whether the leads or approach that is hindering your success?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why most businesses are not converting their leads and where they should improve to get it right.

Common Lead Conversion Mistakes

  1. You are not Qualifying your Leads
  2. Your Lead funnel is not Scrutinized
  3. You are missing the immediate response to Hot Leads
  4. You are not Segmenting your Leads
  5. You are missing the Customized Follow-up Strategies
  6. You are over-focusing a Single Follow-up Channel

6 Tips to Revamp Your Lead Conversion Rate

Qualify your Leads with Pre-approach

Following up with an unqualified lead is nothing but a waste of time, energy, and resources. To avoid such mistakes what you need to do is to connect with your prospects with a simple introductory outreach that gives them an idea about who you are, what you are offering, and what’s the best in it for them. Once they show their interest in your offer, treat that lead as your qualified lead, and approaching them further will definitely help you improve your conversion rate.

Narrow down your funnel

A wide range of Qualifying criteria for your prospects will give you a large list of diversified clients with diversified needs that will make it difficult for you to focus on a niche where you can establish your unique selling point and create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Hence, you must narrow down your funnel with specified prospective customers who are the perfect match for your solution niche.

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Set up Automation for Immediate Response

Most of the time when a prospect responds to you on your introductory approach, that can be treated either as a Warm or Hot lead and if you don’t have a process to immediately respond to them on their query or requirement you might lose that prospect. The best way to stay connected with your prospects immediately is to automate your response process with a marketing automation tool like FlowUp that helps you automate the communication process.

Segment your leads based on their current status

Each lead has their own status after the initial approach with them and each status of lead needs customized follow-ups. Hence it’s necessary to segment your leads based on various statuses or parameters so later you can approach that segmented lead with a customized follow-up strategy.

Define and Implement Customized Follow-up Strategy

Every lead needs to be treated based on their customized need and therefore you need a customized follow-up strategy to build and assign it to the segmented list of leads to make your follow-ups more effective and responsive.

Never bound your Follow-ups to any single channel

The dependency of a single communication channel is the common mistake that marketers do most of the time when they have a lower conversion rate. What they need on an immediate basis is to get rid of single-channel outreach and adopt omnichannel marketing communication with a platform like FlowUp that allows you to use multiple outbound communication channels to reach your target audience.

Ending Note:

Lower lead conversion rate is a common problem reported frequently by lead generators and the simple solution for such issues is to find out an automated lead follow-up system that helps you implement all the remedies listed above and expedite your lead conversion process. To get more insight on how FlowUp can fast-track your lead conversion ratio, please connect with us at or schedule a demo now!

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