Lead Engagement Platforms – The Key to Sales Success and Efficiency

We’ve all heard it before: follow-ups are the key to closing sales. But the reality of many salespeoples’ lives is that there just isn’t enough time in the day for both customer acquisition and retention initiatives. So how do you ensure you’re engaging effectively with your leads without having the process eat up large amounts of your time?

Enter lead engagement platforms. Consistently engaging your leads not only develops customer loyalty but collects valuable customer information as well. By having detailed insights on your customers, more targeted marketing techniques can be employed in less time, thereby increasing profits.

In this post, we will dive into the major benefits of lead engagement platforms like FlowUp so you can soon be on your way to increased sales and efficiency.

Segment and Plan Your Lead’s Sales Journey

You’ve secured viable leads in your CRM, but now what?

In this day and age, consumers expect a personalized outreach strategy. Without personalization, your communications will simply be one-sided outreach instead of two-way engagement. To build a relationship with your leads and guide them through the buying process, two-way engagement is critical.

Lead engagement platforms like FlowUp allow you to bring your strategic priorities to life through the ability to create multiple paths and scenarios for your consumers to follow. You can build in trigger-based actions and responses that are automatically employed when your consumer takes a specific action.

The best part is that with this automation, you can capitalize on lead engagement and check progress at any time without having to be on the clock 24/7!

Automate Outreach to Consistently Engage Leads

It’s one thing to segment your leads and set up a sales journey based on trigger actions from consumers. But multiple follow-ups are almost always needed before prompting action from your leads, so it’s important to automate consistent outreach to consumers without them having to start the conversation. This step is where many salespeople accidentally fall off the tracks with follow-ups; and even if not, the post-its, spreadsheets, and calendar reminders can get overwhelmingly fast!

Never fear! With a proper lead engagement strategy (and efficient technologies surrounding it), you can keep the conversation flowing with leads automatically through timely, scheduled communications. By scheduling your communications at frequent intervals, you won’t lose out on consumers early in the buying process before they have triggered further action in your sales journey. All of this with minimal effort, freeing up your time for other activities.

Diversify Outreach based on Consumer Preferences

As we’ve noted, the sales process is no longer a “one size fits all” approach. Consumers expect to be communicated with as individuals, and therefore expect brands to know their preferences for communication. Further, marketing campaigns that employ more than one communication channel are more likely to generate larger volumes of responses.

FlowUp provides a holistic approach to follow-ups with multichannel outreach that takes consumer timezone into effect, including SMS, voicemail, email, and more. This allows you to reach your target audience through the channels they are most active on at the exact time they are most likely to be active. These diverse communications can also be personalized based on a consumer’s status in your sales journey, ensuring all communications are not only timely but relevant.

Integrate Other Sales Platforms into a ‘One-Stop Shop’

It’s likely that there are already other platforms you engage with daily to assist with various parts of your sales process. Many times businesses and their employees look at new products as a burden to implement due to the onboarding and transfer of existing data needed, regardless of the product’s long-term benefits.

Because existing platforms likely play a large role in your daily work, and uprooting these systems would lead to increased stress and monotonous, time-wasting tasks, finding a lead engagement solution capable of integrating your existing CRM and communication platforms is like hitting a gold mine!

Luckily, FlowUp can seamlessly integrate with your CRM and other industry platforms, allowing you to dive into its benefits quickly and easily.

Are you ready to level up your lead engagement strategy? Dive into how FlowUp can help.