7 Marketing Automation Strategies to Empower Holiday Marketing Campaign

If you are seeking a marketing strategy that reduces the time and effort spent by your sales and marketing department when following up with potential customers and leading prospective clients through the sales pipeline, marketing automation is exactly what you need!

Marketing automation is the practice of deploying software to coordinate advertising strategies and operations all the way through the consumer decision–making process, beginning with the first customer contact to assistance and interactions after a sale has been concluded.

On the cusp of holidays like Christmas and Halloween, businesses must step up their efforts through various marketing channels to grab customers’ attention, offer them more worthwhile deals, and significantly boost sales.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through Omnichannel marketing. Simply put, omnichannel refers to a business’ cross-channel product campaign to enhance customer experience on and offline.

The goal of an omnichannel marketing approach is to satisfy the customer wherever they are in their buying cycle instantaneously. Automation of omnichannel marketing is just the process itself. Business campaigns that use omnichannel marketing generate customer retention percentages as high as 90%.

How To Ramp Up Holiday Marketing Campaigns with Marketing Automation?

Holiday marketing campaigns often have a larger budget than other times of the year. The one sure way to benefit from more customers shopping on the Internet is to create and disseminate promotional content everywhere. Marketing automation software handles the more time-consuming, recurring marketing chores.

Marketing automation software handles tasks like A/B testing, lead retention, and cultivation, as well as web interaction. In light of special seasonal offers, more customers plan to spend a significant amount of money throughout the holiday season. By sending them targeted email discounts around the season, you may leverage marketing automation even to win back past clients.

7 Marketing Automation Strategies For Holiday Marketing Campaign

Holiday marketing techniques have traditionally been built around marketing to increase customer retention and boost sales. Here are seven automated campaign concepts to help you boost holiday sales.

1. Email Marketing for High-Quality Opt-in Leads

One of the quickest ways to raise engagement rate and connect with your customers is through email automation. It is a fantastic method for generating new high-quality prospects. Emails for holiday marketing help sell the experience to your customers. An excellent example of this is email marketing for vacation packages.

Over the holiday period, you can improve email traffic with original designs inspired by seasonal themes, send segmented, personalized holiday emails, offer holiday gift recommendations, and follow up with a post-sale email to retain seasonal customers.

2. Customized Strategy Building

Customized strategy building can be utilized to draw in new prospects while maintaining the interest of existing clients. The idea is to provide precise, tailored content that engages and excites your customers!

Building on this approach helps to boost brand perception, customer loyalty, conversion and retention rates, and overall customer experience.

3. Retargeting Existing Customers

“Why on Earth should I be retargeting old clients when I can simply focus on new ones,” you might be asking.

Instead of wasting a lot of time and money trying to persuade prospects to become first-timers during the holiday rush, it is preferable to pitch to existing customers.

Retargeting marketing might serve as a reminder to shoppers about earlier items they had looked at. This is an excellent method for offering seasonal discounts for customers who have previously bought your goods.

4. Lead Customization and Segmentation

Segmenting customers before giving them a tailored service is an essential component of the customized strategy.

Once you can determine what kind of shoppers they are, where their interests lie, and how much they are willing to spend on a purchase, you can more easily approach your segmented customers with a direct message or tailor their demands on a personal level.

5. Use SMS Marketing for Deep Penetration

SMS marketing is a potent medium for reaching clients with updates, notifications, offers, polls, and other forms of marketing communication.

Particularly around the holidays, when users’ inboxes are overflowing with messages, SMS might be more successful than other forms of communication.

The capability to interact directly with subscribers, the medium’s simplicity and accessibility, and the wide use of mobile devices all contribute to SMS marketing’s efficacy.

90% of promotional Text messages are typically read within three minutes by customers. Imagine that!

6. Upsell With Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Upselling is the process of recommending a different but similar (more expensive) product that will satisfy the customer while also increasing brand profits.

The omnichannel automation, in this case, keeps track of the things the customer intends to buy, such as those saved to an online shopping cart, and provides recommendations based on that data.

It indicates to the customer that the retailer is knowledgeable about their array of goods and suggests a similar one that would suit the client’s requirements or desires better.

7. Continuous Customer Engagement With Conversational SMS Bot

Today’s successful businesses is open around the clock!

The most important aspect of providing excellent customer care, regardless of whether you specialize in sales, IT support, or customer service, is being available whenever customers need you.

However, it can be costly and impractical to hire employees to be available at all times. Conversational SMS bots can help in this situation.

Chatbots are virtual assistants that can communicate with your customers across a variety of platforms simultaneously without costing your business a fortune.

For example, in the timeshare industry, there are automated responses through mediums like SMS for timeshare and the ringless voicemail feature. The goal of timeshare management software is to manage membership, inquiries, email and SMS reminders, bookings, and payments.


Marketing automation during the holidays is one of the best methods to build lasting emotional bonds with your year-round and seasonal customers. Your business will be tremendously enhanced through implementing omnichannel capabilities that enable you to provide a highly individualized customer journey.

Furthermore, you can ensure that the next holiday season is a success so that even you can take some time to enjoy the holidays while taking advantage of the business profits of the holiday season!