Ready to Use Sales Follow-up SMS Templates for Real Estate Lead Generators

Whether you’re a real estate agent or broker, sale follow-up SMS templates remain the most convenient and cost-effective way to generate and follow up on your leads.

Quick question, how often do you get a ‘yes’ after making the first sale call? Your answer is as good as any other realtor’s – hardly ever, if at all.

However, unlike what most real estate agents think, silence from leads is not always a sign of disinterest. And it doesn’t mean you should press the delete button on them.

Chances are, when your leads got your sales call for the first time, they were engaged with something else. Perhaps, they were on a budget, or have other pressing needs and may require more time to consider your offer.

But you didn’t have enough patience, so you assumed their silence meant ‘no’ and dropped them. In reality, a few follow-up SMS could have made a significant positive change.

Did you know that most consumers would rather prefer and do text now than call?

Studies show that people notice their SMS within 3 seconds and will respond after 90 seconds of reading it. If this isn’t a sign that you need to incorporate sale follow-up SMS templates to increase conversion rate, then what else is?

In fact, according to research, most businesses convert 95% of their leads after a sixth call attempt. Imagine how many clients you’re missing out on when you give up after the 4th or 5th sales call.

No doubt, you are busy. You’re juggling between your personal life and business. This sometimes makes it hard to stay on track and keep in touch with your existing clients or leads.

But who says you have to do it the manual way?

There is a guide you can use right now to effortlessly improve engagement and increase conversion rate. And that guide is … Sale Follow-up SMS Templates.

With sale follow-up SMS templates, you can keep track of your leads. You also keep them engaged, and build trust with them while working on other areas of your business and personal life.

Doesn’t that sound like an effortless marketing strategy you’d like to explore?

Why Is It Important To Follow Up On Your Leads?

We’ve discussed the answer to this above. But here are more details.

Prospects are not only busy but are also cautious when it comes to making a purchase decision. It’s not you. It’s in human nature to buy with emotions and justify later with logic. If you have not tapped into that emotion of your leads and proved that you have the solution to their problems, chances are you will not convert them.

Simply put, realtors need to know the right way to woo their prospects and earn their trust. While an inherent friendly personality may do the work for some, not all realtors possess this trait.

This means the latter must find an alternative to gain the confidence of their leads if they want to increase their conversion rate. And to do this, you must learn the act of follow-up.

Understandably, there is so much to do. You’ve got clients to meet, emails to respond to, houses to check, and family to spend time with. And all this can make it hard to follow up on your new leads.

This is the more reason why you should employ sale follow-up SMS templates.

How Sale Follow-Up Sms Templates Help You Generate More Leads?

According to recent studies, prospects who receive personalized text as a follow-up after the first contact have a 112.6 percent conversion rate. This is what you get when you use sale follow-up SMS templates.

With the right automated words, you can effectively communicate with your leads even when you’re not physically available for chit-chat. This helps reduce stress and save time while increasing productivity and conversion rate.

However, the major stress often comes from not knowing the right SMS to send. How do you recognize texts that will engage your leads while informing them about your service?

We’ve done the hard work for you.

Check out these 10 ready-to-use sale follow-up SMS templates that will help you generate and convert more leads.

10 Ready-to-Use Sales Follow-up SMS Templates for Realtors

SMS Template #1:

Hi there, thanks for checking out the community.

Would you be interested in a copy of the neighborhood guide?

SMS Template #2:

Hey there,

I’m currently working on your valuation and will deliver it to you ASAP.

What’s the best channel to send it to you?

SMS Template #3

Hi there,

I will send your home valuation ASAP.

Quick question – how soon would you like to sell?

SMS Template #4

Hello there,

I got your message.

You will hear from me soon.

What’s your best number for a follow-up?

SMS Template #5

Hey there, saw you visited my website,

I’ll reach out soon.

In the meantime, beep me up if you need anything.

SMS Template #6

Hi Mark,

thanks for visiting our website.

Let us know here if you have further questions

– Diana from Real Estate Company.

SMS Template #7

Hi {your client’s name},

it’s {your name} from {your company’s name}.

We discussed selling your house two days ago – are you still up for the deal?

Feel free to reach out so we can discuss this further.

SMS Template #8

Hello {your client’s name}!

Remember that house at [address] you thought was a good fit for you and your wife?

It just dropped from (old price) to (new price). This is a good deal!

Would you like to make an offer?

SMS Template #9

Hi there!

We are hosting an open house this Saturday at {address}.

The time is 3 PM to 8 PM if you’d like to come. Hoping to see you there.

SMS Template #10

Hi there!

Are you still unsure about your decision to sell the condo?

Call me if there is anything you need from me to ease or hasten your decision process.

Go ahead, and feel free to use any of these follow-up SMS templates when most suitable.

By now you know that the best way realtors can increase their general success rate is to prioritize using sale follow-up SMS templates. This helps to continuously nurture leads until they give positive feedback.

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