Top 10 Sales Follow-up Email Templates That Boost The Conversion

Does this find familiar to you? For example, your potential client comes to your website. They show a great interest in your business products or services. They even download some digital products or sign up for a free trial of what you offer.

You then initiate a conversation, send them a welcome email, and nurture them to be customers.

Then silence follows. You don’t hear back from them. You ask yourself, where did they go?

Do you want to follow up on them effectively, nurture them with email sales follow-up, and convert them into customers?

We can help you. This blog post will give you the best sales follow-up templates that you can use in your sales email marketing follow-ups to increase conversions.

Tips to make sure your emails are effective

Use a great Subject line

Your target customers read your subject lines before they read the email. So to make sure they open the emails and read them, ensure you write great subject lines. It will capture their attention and engage them in your sales marketing campaigns.

Make it Short and Interesting

Target readers hate long and complicated emails. They will just open it then delete it without even reading it. Ensure your emails are short and direct to the point to engage prospects. Use lots of white spaces and bullet points within the emails. You can also add videos and visuals as most people engage more with those types of content.

Have a captivating CTA

You want readers to take action once they read your emails and see them convert into customers for your business. To effectively get them to do this, use attractive and captivating CTA to make them take action and convert.

Keep Following up

People show interest in your business but don’t convert immediately. It takes some follow-ups before they convert into customers. Therefore, it is essential to keep reaching out to your prospects through follow-up sales emails.

Personalize your Emails

Target customers need to know that you care for them and understand their pains as you engage them through follow-up sales emails. One best way to do this is to personalize your emails. Let each email you send out be personalized to the prospect’s needs and address them directly.

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Now that you know some tips to write great emails, here are follow-up templates you can use in your follow-ups.

Best Sales Follow-up Email Templates

You have had a conversation with a client, and they are interested in your business products or services. To make sure you engage them and help them through the sales funnel, you can send a follow-up meeting like this

Template #1


Hello, I’m following up on the conversation we had last three days. Is there anything you want to know more about the products or services we offer?

Feel free to reach out in case you have any questions.

[sales rep name]

Template #2

You may have reached a prospect and haven’t heard from them. To make your emails more effective, you can change your email copy to engage.

Here is an example.

Hi [Name]

I know things are tight and busy, and maybe you didn’t get a chance to check out the email I sent you a week ago.

Can you let me know when I can book a call with you to talk more about the business? The call will just take 15 minutes of your time.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Template #3

You can reach your prospective customer on the phone, but they may be unavailable. However, you can send them this email to engage them and let them know you reached out to them, and you will try again later.

Hi [name]

I hope you’re doing great. I reached out to you on a phone call but couldn’t find you. I am looking forward to having a small conversation [ explain why you were calling]

I got a slot on my calendar when I can call again at [date and time] if you are available. Also, feel free to call back or let me know any other mutual convenient slot you think you are open for the conversation.

[Your signature]

Template #4

To engage your leads through the sales funnel, you can send them a survey email sales follow-up. Again, it should be direct to the point. Within the email, you can give them suggestions of what you want them to learn as they engage and know more about your business.

Hello, [Name]

I want to make sure we give you the best experience and services from our business. We want to provide what you need as you engage and know more about our company to help solve your pain points.

[Give the options or the survey template]

Let us know how we can best help you.


Template #5

You can reach out to target customers as you try to engage them in your business.

However, sometimes you don’t hear back from the prospect.

In such cases, you can send them a simple but powerful email sales follow-up to convince them. Show them the value of your business and how you helped clients with similar challenges as theirs.

Hi [first name]

We had a client [name of the client or business] that had [name/type of their challenges]. We introduced them to our business and helped them [highlight how you helped solve the pains]

You can try out our business products and see firsthand what we can do for you. If you need more information or anything, let us know.

I am waiting to hear from you.

[sender’s name]

Template #6

You want to leverage a touchpoint of your target customer and engage them in your business.

For example, maybe they were interested in the product but had some doubts. You can send a follow-up with proof that your product or service works and give them some individuals or brands that have already used the product and seen the value it can offer.

[Hello, name]

We are reaching out to show how we can help solve [name their challenges]. One of our clients [name the client business] had these challenges [name the challenges]

They used our services to achieve these results[ show what they achieved with tangible proof]

We have a guide that will show you how to use the service. So you can try it for yourself. I am looking forward to seeing you succeed.


Template #7

You could have attended a trade show and connected with some people interested in some of the business products on display. Then, after the initial connection, you can later follow them up to engage them and draw them to your sales funnel.

Hi [name]

Great to connect with you during the trade show. It was good to network and discussed more [name what you discussed]

I know you were looking for the best solution to your pains. Can you try out our business products for free and let me know your thoughts?

If case you have any questions, feel free to ask. Here are [give them the best channels to reach you]

[Your name]

Template #8

s you can have a prospect and be reach out to them for months without any profitable results. Then, you can decide to send a final sales follow-up email as a deal-breaker to see if the prospect is still interested. Here is a sample.

Hi [name]

We have been reaching out to you for [how long] about [name why you reached out] and haven’t still heard from you.

We are closing accounts [name which accounts]. Do I have your permission to keep your account active, or can we go ahead and close the account?

Thank you,

Template #9

You had a conversation with a potential customer who needed some information or products from your business. However, you’re unsure and wanted to confirm first and get back to them as you engage them.

You can send them an email sales follow-up to notify them of what they want. Then, you can use a captivating call to get them to take a step forward and act towards converting into customers once they get the information.

Hi [Name]

I was happy to have a chat with you last time about [ add what you talked about] You requested [what did they ask]

Here is the information you requested. I have also included other details that will help you know more about our business, how it operates, and how it solves pains for clients like you.

Let me know if you have any other concerns.

With Regards,

Template #10

Sometimes potential clients come to your business website, engage with your content, and then leave. They can even download your digital products like eBooks. You can reach out to them and open more doors where they can learn more about your business products or services.

Hi [Name]

I saw that you visited our business website and downloaded an ebook. Did you find it helpful? Is there more information that you may need to help solve your pain?

Here are some more resources I think will be of great help to you.[name the resources or links to them] Or if you want to schedule a call for more discussion, let me know.



Walking a lead through the sales funnel takes time and a lot of hard work. Part of that hard work is reaching and following prospects to educate, guide, and build more trust.

The above are some of the best email sales follow-up templates you can use to engage prospects and convert them into your customer by using our automated followup system FlowUp using multiple channels like email, sms, ringless voicemail and voice broadcast.