Why Recruiters Should Be Using Omnichannel Communication?

Recruiting the right talent for the right role is never easy. Not only do you have to post jobs and find, screen, and interview qualified candidates who are the perfect fit for your open positions, but you also have to make yourself stand out from the crowd, juggle multiple tasks, and actively engage candidates. It’s a lot of work.

Omnichannel communication can be a game-changer for recruiters. This approach helps you connect with candidates across more channels, garner more responses, and follow up more strategically and easily.

Keep reading to learn more about omnichannel communication and how it can elevate recruiters’ job performance while making their lives easier.

What is Omnichannel Recruiting?

Omnichannel Recruitment is an outreach process where the recruiter can engage with targeted candidates for recruitment purposes, through more than one channel of communication like Calls, SMS, MMS, Ringless Voicemail, Announcements, Emails, Social Media outreach, etc.

Why Single Channel Outreach is inefficient for Recruiters?

Recruiting the right candidates asks for a series of communication. But what is most difficult out of this is, starting the communication process. It is difficult to find out the right source of communication where candidates respond and it can be different for each of them. In such situations, you can’t depend on one channel to reach out to them all. That’s why you need to call them, send them SMS, MMS, Ringless voicemail, Announcements, Emails, etc., and start the communication process where they answer.

Sometimes communication gets initiated at another channel but they stop responding on the same after some time. But as a recruiter, you can’t leave the right candidate alone. There you need a multichannel communication approach

Why does a Recruiter need an Omnichannel Communication Approach?

As a recruiter, it takes more than just one outreach to nab a response from a desirable candidate — especially when those candidates aren’t actively looking for a job! You won’t be able to attract their attention with a single LinkedIn message or email.

With omnichannel communication, you can not only communicate with candidates through their preferred mode of communication — whether it’s email, phone, text, or other — but you can follow up automatically every single time. Experienced recruiters know that every message they send a candidate demands a follow-up. After all, the best candidates typically already have an inbox full of connection requests, invitations for jobs to apply to, and interview requests from other recruiters.

By Using omnichannel communication platform, you can stand out from the crowd by reaching out through the channels your competitors are neglecting. Additionally, an omnichannel approach makes the process smooth, seamless, and natural.

For example, imagine you had a brief screening call with a candidate. You determine the candidate is a good fit for the role, and you want to move them forward in the process. With omnichannel communication, you don’t have to just rely on the candidate answering their phone when you call. Instead, you can follow up with an SMS message, ringless voicemail, survey, email, or another channel. This creates a robust communication strategy that helps you stay better connected to your candidates in a way that works best for them.

Benefits of Omnichannel Communication for Recruiters

Recruiters need an omnichannel communication campaign to improve their messages’ open and response rates, generate more leads and placements, and produce results. Omnichannel communication enables you to:

  • Engage across multiple platforms,
  • Increase open rates,
  • Engage how your candidates prefer,
  • Create seamless journeys,
  • Create consistency,
  • Stop working in silos,
  • Stay in touch, even when the hiring for a particular role has closed.

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Tips for setting up a Recruitment Campaign with Omnichannel Communication Platform

Are you interested in setting up a recruitment campaign on an omnichannel communication platform? Here’s what you should know to generate the best results.

Create an outreach campaign with appropriate timing and scheduling

Build a workflow that can manage itself. Automation is a major timesaver, but make sure you schedule your candidate touchpoints in their time zone. No one wants to hear from a recruiter in the middle of the night.

Follow up every time.

Get back to every message. You can even use your omnichannel engagement platform to program keyword-based autoresponders to reply to candidates’ inquiries at any hour, ensuring no inbound message is missed.

Segment candidate lists

Use your platform’s lead segmentation and filtering capabilities to keep your lists organized. Create custom filters based on specialties, industry, seniority level, title, and other relevant factors so you can easily search your database and pick up the conversation where you left off. And if a candidate wants to opt out of your communications, make it easy for them to do so.

Use data to evaluate your campaign’s success

How can you tell which efforts are working? How do you know which outreach channels are most effective? Collect and review data to see which channels and messages generate the best results and outcomes. A quality omnichannel engagement platform should include reporting features and capabilities.

Why FlowUp is a Great choice for Recruiters

FlowUp is an omnichannel lead engagement and follow-up automation platform that makes staying engaged with candidates effortless for recruiters. Handle your follow-ups and omnichannel communication from a single platform — no more logging in and out of platforms and wasting time on manual efforts.

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FlowUp has a growing list of communication channels and currently includes email, SMS, MMS, ringless voicemail, announcements, press-1 survey, and others. It also integrates with your current CRM, so you can easily keep track of your candidate’s status in one place — no coding required!

These are some of FlowUp’s features that are perfect for recruiting:

  • Autoresponders
  • Custom workflows and campaign scheduling
  • Lead segmentation
  • Local caller IDs
  • Opt-out management
  • Call tracking and analytics

Interested in leveling up your recruiting efforts? Try a free demo of FlowUp today!