What is Call Patching and How does it boost your Automated Follow-Ups?

Call Patching: What exactly does it Mean?

All calls, calls by query topic, or specific callers can be ‘patched’ through to your mobile, landline, or any other number you designate with call patching. The call agent will answer the phone as if they were a member of your own team, taking down the caller’s name and reason for calling, and then phoning you on your assigned number to give you this information. You can then select to have the call patched through to you to handle personally. If you do not respond or if speaking with the caller is inconvenient for you, the agent will continue to take a message and details on your behalf.

This is how normally Call Patching works while you use Auto dialer but when you start using it with Automated Lead Follow-up Platform as we have in FlowUp, it might change the functionality a bit, but keep the core ideas intact and impactful.

Call Patching with FlowUp: How does it work?

When it comes to automated follow-ups, the first live human interaction can be replaced with either an Announcement or Survey call where the call will be placed to customers and they will listen to a pre-recorded audio message.

If there is an announcement, the customer can call back on the caller ID and the call can get transferred to the respective number that is set to transfer to and talk to the live agent. In case, any of the agents are not available to take the call, the customer can leave a voicemail with the message.

In Survey, customers have the option to Press 1 and get transferred to the agent on the live call and in case of unavailability, leaving a voicemail is also possible here.

How Call-Patching can gear up your Automated Follow-ups?

  • Call-patching in Automated Follow-ups can help you get an immediate response from the customer without depending on an extensive follow-up cycle.
  • Call-patching helps to build the trust in your customers that the queries and questions are solved immediately by the brand with an excellent follow-through process.
  • Call-patching helps you to talk to the interesting prospect when he/she is actually a hot or warm prospect. Following them later on, may lose their interest and make them a cold or dropped prospect.
  • Call-patching is one the best ways to convert the warm leads into hot leads or to close them in the first interaction itself, which in return increases the conversion rate of your marketing campaign.