What are Call Tracking Metrics and why do you need them?

Uphold Call Tracking Metrics to Maximize ROI

92% of all customer interactions are conducted over-the-phone calls—- one of the most effective sales tools for conversation rates.  One of the best synopsis, successfully converting leads into customers, generating valuable customer data to bunt and thus measuring the overall performance. But if this doesn’t happen? How to make it happen?  Now the dispute is, … Read more

How can Email Segmentation Level-up your Omnichannel Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Segmenation with Omnichannel Automation

In the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, where customer attention spans are shrinking and their inboxes are overflowing, standing out can be a daunting challenge. You might have all the makings of a successful email marketing campaign: a meticulously crafted strategy, a talented team, and a promising list of potential leads, and yet, the results … Read more

Automatic Lead Qualification: Everything You Need to Know

Automatic Lead Qualification

As a business owner or an experienced in this industry, you understand how essential it is to generate leads for your business. But what happens when you have too many tips to handle? How do you prioritize them and focus your efforts on the most promising ones? This is where automatic lead qualification comes in. … Read more

How Workflow Automation can beat up Delayed Response time?

Convert More Inbound Leads with On-time Response using Workflow Automation

Anyone with a wealth of experience in the marketing world knows the significance of time. This also applies to converting your engagements into sales. As soon as a lead engages with a marketing campaign you have put up, the clock starts to tick. The longer it takes for you to respond, the slimmer your chances … Read more

How to Set up an Award-Winning Lead Nurturing Workflow?

How to Set up an Award-Winning Lead Nurturing Workflow

After you’ve accomplished the difficult task of generating leads that are passionate about your product or service, it’s time to capitalize by walking them through the sales funnel and converting those prospects into devoted customers. This is where lead nurturing comes in to play an integral role – helping businesses achieve their goals of building … Read more

Streamline your Sales Funnel with power of Automated CRM Updates & Customized Lead Triggers

CRM Integration + Auto Lead Fetch + Auto Followup Campaign

An effective sales funnel is crucial in the fast-paced business environment of today to guarantee that leads are nurtured and turned into clients. But maintaining a sales funnel may be a difficult and time-consuming task. This is where customer-triggered follow-ups and automatic CRM updates come in. Your sales funnel can be streamlined with the aid … Read more

How to Generate Insurance Leads With SMS Marketing Automation?

Generate Insurance Leads With SMS Marketing Automation

Generating leads is a crucial part of any business, and the insurance industry is no exception. With so many insurance providers to choose from, it can be challenging to stand out and attract new customers. One way to do this is through SMS marketing automation. By sending targeted, automated text messages to potential leads, you … Read more

Amplify Your Text Drip Campaign with SMS Chatbot


Did you know that the open rates of SMS are almost 5x more than email open rates? This is because customers are more likely to communicate and open offers received via SMS than any other channel. What does this mean? It means it’s high time your business adopted an SMS chatbot for its SMS drip … Read more

How Automated Follow-ups Can be the Future of Insurance Agents?

Important of Follow-up Automation Important for Insurance Agent

Lead generation is an important step in the marketing strategy of insurance agents. If done rightly, tons of potential clients are going to flow right through the funnel and arrive at where the agents want them to. As important as lead generation is, it still leaves much work to be done. Stopping at just lead … Read more

Top 5 Ways to Build Opt-in Data – Your Ready Reckoner for Opt-in Marketing


Opt-in data is instrumental in modeling your products and/or services according to your customers’ and visitors’ responses—hereby expanding the reach of your website, blog, and business brand. In the continuously growing world Right to Privacy is in high demand and keeping that in the eye, the new legal reforms are kept updating where you can’t … Read more