Top 5 Ways to Build Opt-in Data – Your Ready Reckoner for Opt-in Marketing

Opt-in data is instrumental in modeling your products and/or services according to your customers’ and visitors’ responses—hereby expanding the reach of your website, blog, and business brand. In the continuously growing world Right to Privacy is in high demand and keeping that in the eye, the new legal reforms are kept updating where you can’t bother a customer with your marketing outreach without their permission, and failure of that causing huge penalties which every single business wanted to avoid nowadays. That is where the Opt-in leads come into the picture to grow your business.

Due to its sheer importance in lead generation business, every single business is interested in knowing how they can build more and more opt-in leads to expand their business multifold. But, before we go further in detail let’s understand what Opt-in leads actually mean and why it is so important.

What is an Opt-in Data?

It refers to personal data and information used to request permission to send business newsletters, product sales, and other marketing materials to customers and set target audience(s).

Opt-in leads are one of the most effective ways to start collecting contact information and determining the level of interest of qualified leads. By utilizing the power of communication, you may greatly enhance revenue.

Opt-in marketing is the process of inviting website visitors and cold leads to sign up for additional marketing communication via any marketing channel you choose or a specific channel they choose. A lead magnet or other incentive is frequently used to persuade them. The important thing to remember is that the people who fill out the email database want to hear from the company.

For e.g., A newsletter or offer SMS delivered to clients is a common example. Customers receive such newsletters or SMS offers to keep them informed about future events, promotions, or new products.

What are Double opt-in leads?

Suppose you visit a website or receive a Press-1 call and you join the email list of the company or opt-in by pressing 1 on press 1 call. You then receive an email or other messages, such as a text message that contains a link.

If you want to join the further marketing communication from that company, you have to click the link. Otherwise, you will not hear from the company. These are called double opt-in leads. It is a way of protecting the integrity of an email list.

People sometimes type in the wrong email address or do unintentional or accidental press 1 or they change their mind after opting in. A double opt-in gives them the chance at the realization.

The Better Option: Double Opt-In vs. Single Opt-In

A single opt-in lead strategy has nothing wrong with it. Simply confirm that the user wants to receive marketing messages from you using the lead collection form.

It also relies on the type of communication you plan to send the subscriber. If you typically send coupons and other offers to your lead list, you should consider double opt-in. A single opt-in technique should serve for newsletters and other non-sales emails. To secure prospects and keep the email list clean, use opt-in email marketing.

Why is Opt-in Data a Must in Recent Times?

In recent times, only brands and services offer what their customers want to retain them. These brands and services tend to evolve with the needs of their customers, hence, the need for opt-in data.

Opt-in data helps to model your products and services in line with the demand of your customers or target audience. Through the results of the data collected, you get to acknowledge the interest or otherwise of customers in a product or service. You also keep in constant touch with them to foster a long-term customer-client relationship.

How To Generate Opt-in Data— Top 5 Ways to Build Opt-in Leads

Remember, building up good customer relationships is very crucial to the success of your business, and as such, you need to collect their (target audiences are also included) information. Here are the top five(5) ways to do this:

1. Email Campaign

Opt-in email marketing is one of the best ways to generate adequate opt-in data leads. Here, you must send specific, personalized marketing materials to a target email list of audiences who subscribe to your email prompts.

You can easily send newsletters, promotions, offers, and adverts to get their personal information and data in these email campaigns. All you need to do here is ask people to subscribe to your email lists using the valuable content advertisements.

2. SMS campaign

SMS campaigns give you the advantage of engaging customers at every stage of your sales funnel— an advantage that converts numerous leads. You can send SMS promotions, offer a text-an-expert hotline, and use periodic customer representative calls to get updated personal data and information from your customers to model your business on. This helps you improve your business in line with the present circumstances of your customers.

3. Push Notifications

Push notification opt-ins are another potent way to generate good opt-in data leads. They work best with your business apps because they are in-app messaging notifications that help those who use your app or log onto your website agree to receive your business notifications.

In agreeing to the notifications, you input prompts that ask for their personal information and data for personalized marketing.

4. SMS Chatbot & Opt-in box

When customers and other audiences alike visit your website, a chatbot pops up, asking them questions about your products and advertising new services. These bots can do a good job of collecting their data.

An opt-in box can also be added to your sign-up form or check-out shopping cart, asking for customers to state that they would like to receive messages from you. You could add a bonus or an incentive for signing up for your newsletters.

5. Press 1 campaigns

These are voice campaigns where random persons press the number 1 on their mobile devices to talk to customer care or an agent about a product campaign or promotion. During press-1 campaigns, your agents can quickly get the personal data of a large number of people.

How to Build More Opt-in Data? – Tips to Get More Opt-ins

You could also use these below-listed methods to get more opt-in data for your business mail list:

Increase The Incentive For Referrals

Many businesses utilize a monetary incentive, such as a coupon, to entice people to sign up for their email newsletters and promotional communications. Is your current incentive appealing enough?

For e.g., Matt Lindenberg, Assistant Director of Marketing at, recently observed a surge after his team quadrupled the referral bonus. The team’s typical welcome email for new opt-ins gave a $5 discount to any new customer referred by that member on their first purchase. In addition, each time a referred customer made a purchase, the existing subscriber would receive a $1 discount.

They raised the first-time purchase discount to $10 in 2008. Existing opt-ins continued to receive a $1 discount on each order placed by their referrals.

Emphasize The Importance Of Co-Registration Placement

Co-registration deals are a tried-and-true method of growing opt-in lists for email marketers. Finding suitable partners and presenting your service in a compelling manner is required to make the most of co-registration partnerships.

Create Co-Branded Sweepstakes

Increase the reach of sweepstakes and contests used to build lists by enlisting the help of partners who will spread the campaign with their own customers. You can trade opt-in checkboxes on each other’s websites in return.

Combat Bad Phone Numbers and Email Address Typos

If you’re getting a lot of hard bounces on welcome emails, or a high failure rate on SMS, Ringless Voicemails, or Broadcast calls, you might have a problem with bad contact details or email address errors in your forms.

To Gather Opt-Ins, Use Telesales And Customer Service Reps

By teaching your incoming call center representatives to ask for email opt-ins during calls, you can put them to work for your email programs.

  • Make a “ask for email opt-in” screen a normal question for all customers that call in with a question.
  • Create a script that allows salespeople to explain to customers what they can expect if they opt-in.
  • Include a separate checkbox that a representative must click to confirm opt-in, just like an online registration form.
  • Send a welcome email to phone opt-ins right away, and if possible, include links to resources related to the issues discussed on the call.

Use Toolbar

You can use toolbars at the top of your webpage as a strategic location for your opt-in box. It will be evident to everyone to see.

Try Webpage Headers

You could make the header of your homepage carry your promotional opt-in prompts. Headers are bolder than toolbars, so you get to make your message obvious enough.

Come Up with a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a landing page placed on either of the extreme sides of your web page to call visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. This is also a good option.

Try Slide-ins

You could use this with an opt-in box to achieve more engagements. Slide-ins blend in with your webpage, so they rarely get ignored.


It is way more than obvious after a thorough read of this informational vote that there are many ways to generate more opt-ins to improve your business delivery. More so, the importance of opt-in data can not be overemphasized as it improves your customer base and expands your business reach. In 2022, working on your opt-in data generation is a must if you want to maximize profit.

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