Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools that help you win more Sales

Top marketing Automation tool

Marketing Automation has become a necessity for any business that wants to keep up with the modern, fast-paced world we now live in. It saves time, costs, and energy that manual marketing would require. But it’s one thing to automate your marketing system, and It’s another thing to use the best available automation tools for … Read more

How Lead Segmentation can help you to Achieve Maximum Converted Leads?

Generating numerous leads is not sufficient unless you start converting them. The first step towards converting these leads into paying customers is segmenting these generated leads. Your target customers are different, their pain points are different, and accordingly, the leads you generate are also different. If you want to deliver each prospect with what they … Read more

How Cold Canvassing with Omnichannel Marketing Platform can be a game-changer for your Business Growth?

Marketing your business in 2022 is drastically different than how people marketed their business in 2015. The rise in digital opportunities due to new technology and social media platforms, paired with changes in consumer behavior have changed how you reach your ideal customers. Even just within the last twelve months and the onset of the … Read more

What is Call Patching and How does it boost your Automated Follow-Ups?

Call Patching: What exactly does it Mean? All calls, calls by query topic, or specific callers can be ‘patched’ through to your mobile, landline, or any other number you designate with call patching. The call agent will answer the phone as if they were a member of your own team, taking down the caller’s name … Read more

How to set up Drip Campaign in FlowUp?

Using completely automated direct to voicemail and text message drip programs, you can increase your online and offline lead conversions. All of your marketing and advertising efforts, whether online or offline, are intended to generate three key inquiries: Calls – The most important and high-intent leads Email – The largest amount of leads with the … Read more

What is FlowUp?

FlowUp is an Ultra-age Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform that empowers marketers and lead generators to design an Automated Follow-up system with channels like SMS, MMS, Ringless voicemail, Survey and Announcement and Email. The core idea behind the platform is to equip the users to run Drip campaigns, Lead nurturing campaigns, and AI-driven Follow-up automation to … Read more

Why Does Your Business Need An Automated Lead Follow-Up System?

Whether you have a small startup or a full-fledged business, you know the value of sales and how they bring up or down your revenue. However, only the real entrepreneurs know that follow-ups are the key to Sales. Follow-ups refer to communication, with potential customers who have interacted with your business through any medium of … Read more

Dawn of Follow-up Automation System

We built FlowUp to remove the roadblocks marketers and sales teams face in their lead nurturing efforts. Many years of experience, trials, errors, failures, and innovations have led us to this moment — the official launch of FlowUp! FlowUp helps sales teams convert more leads with less effort. But FlowUp didn’t happen overnight. Here’s how … Read more