How to set up Drip Campaign in FlowUp?

Using completely automated direct to voicemail and text message drip programs, you can increase your online and offline lead conversions.

All of your marketing and advertising efforts, whether online or offline, are intended to generate three key inquiries:

Calls – The most important and high-intent leads

Email – The largest amount of leads with the most stringent follow-up requirements.

Text Messages – The simplest and most frictionless approach to generate leads.

As a result, your ROI is determined by how quickly you respond to these early lead queries, as well as the mechanisms you put in place to track and nurture leads over time.

The only way to achieve this 100% of the time is to set up an automatic lead follow-up system to assist you to respond to and engage leads from all of your marketing channels.

Intelligent Follow-ups with FlowUp – The Automated Lead Follow-up System

FlowUp is the automated, all-in-one lead follow-up system that allows you to follow up with any sort of lead, including Press-1 Survey, Announcement, Ringless Voicemails, E-mails, and Text messages with Customized Inbound set-ups and Autoresponders

We don’t try to replace you with unlicensed assistants or artificial intelligence. Instead, we automate the most time-consuming and complex aspects of your business. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best: converse, establish relationships, and sell.

Designing Drip Campaign with FlowUp:

  • Bring your Leads into the system either through CSV upload or through our DIY integration with any CRM you use.
  • Purchase Caller IDs or Group of Caller IDs to send your Outreach with Local caller IDs or Toll-free numbers
  • Set up your Campaign Time, you think works best with your audience, and let the system reach your leads with Follow the sun dialing
  • For Email Create Sender and Email Templates you need and For SMS register your Brand and Campaign with 10 DLC and then move forward.
  • Create a Customized Workflow Strategy with Multiple touch points using multiple channels in addition to Delay between to touch frequency as per your requirement.
  • Set up the Inbound flows to Re-direct interested audiences to the Sales team or keep communicate with them through Autoresponder.
  • Segment your leads based on their specific status in your funnel and create a segmented list of such leads to follow-up on them with a customized strategy
  • Enhance your Drip campaign’s effectiveness with data-driven decision-making through detailed insight within customized reports.

To know more about setting up your first Drip campaign with FlowUp, contact us at and Be ready to launch your drip campaign now.