5 Reasons You Should be Using Voice Announcements in Your Marketing Plan

With so many ways to communicate with your current and potential consumers, it’s easy to get caught up with the latest trends and let more traditional marketing methods fall by the wayside. However, it is critical to recognize the value of communication tactics like voice announcements and use them strategically, especially within certain consumer groups. Whether you have an emergency notification, appointment reminder, or important promotion, phone announcements help you communicate quickly and efficiently.

You may be asking yourself, “Even if I prioritize voice announcements, who has the time to sit on the phone every day and make countless calls to clients?” And you’re right — wasting resources to sit on the phone all day is not the best use of anyone’s time! But with automation, you can not only save valuable time but ensure you are hitting your target clients at exactly the right time.

In this post, we will discuss the top five reasons that you should be using voice announcements in your marketing plan, and how FlowUp can help you efficiently incorporate this tactic.

1. Direct calls have better Listen rates

Direct calls to your prospects provide a personal and inviting channel to reach potential consumers. In addition, FlowUp’s easy-to-use segmentation and filtering capabilities allow you to send announcements to specific contacts to ensure a personalized message each time. Further, if your recipient needs more information not provided in your automated message, your customers can connect with a live agent through a customized inbound setup! It’s a win-win: Increase your listen rate with relevant customers without hours spent on the phone.

2. Share important information with relevant voice tone

Have you ever received a robocall from a company and been immediately turned off to the brand and its messaging? The increasing number of robocalls that individuals receive on a daily basis has led to a negative connotation surrounding phone marketing.

With FlowUp’s automated voice messaging system, however, you can reach hundreds of contacts with a single click without employing a Robo voice.

Simply record your message, select your target audience list from your CRM, and launch your campaign.

Whether your prospects answer or not, your voice broadcast will still reach your recipients — the message will appear in their voicemail if they miss your call!

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By using a recording of your voice, your information will automatically come across with a more authentic, personal tone than the countless robocalls your consumers are receiving, creating a stronger connection with your prospects.

3. Connect with landline contacts to broaden your follow-ups

While digital communications have taken over a large portion of the communication channels used today, there is still a significant market that can be reached via landline phone messaging. With SMS marketing communications coming on the scene, many brands have shifted their phone marketing to be focused on text, not voice. However, when sending SMS communications to prospects in your CRM, you may be missing a chunk of your target market who have provided a landline number.

4. Share the sense of urgency with immediate reach

Popular digital marketing efforts like email and social media marketing are targeted but lack a sense of urgency in your offer. Voice announcements, on the other hand, provide an immediate, direct line of communication to your prospects, creating an unspoken need for timely action.

Reach your consumers at the ideal time without keeping your team on the phone all day using FlowUp’s pre-recorded telephone broadcasts as a one-and-done solution.

5. Reach B2B customers’ business lines at the perfect time

Similar to your landline contacts who will not receive other marketing communications such as Ringless Voicemail and SMS, business numbers are a common touchpoint, especially for marketers who work primarily with B2B customers. Not only should business numbers be contacted via voice messages, but attention to the time of day should be given to ensure the message is received during business hours.

With FlowUp’s automated voice announcements, you can schedule voice calls from local numbers, even if you’re not available to manage the campaign. Set up the announcements on your schedule, and send them on theirs — even when your prospects are in different time zones!