Redefine Your Call Tracking & Analysis with Advanced Call Tracking 2.0

Small or large scale, every business needs great analyzing tools to stand out from the crowd and increase its ROI in this highly competitive era. One such tool is the call tracking tool for effective call tracking and analysis.

Why Call Tracking?

Studies have confirmed over and over again that businesses experience increased conversion rates with online searches such as Google shopping ads, SEO, or text-based search ads.

This is primarily because a high percentage of product searches and order placements now take place on mobile phones.

According to Google, mobile searchers have a 39% tendency to call a business on phone. Prospects find that putting a call through a company is an easy and fast way to have their needs met.

What is a Call Tracking?

Call tracking is technology with inbuilt tracking codes that lets you know exactly which of your marketing campaigns persuades prospects to make a call to your company. Also, when each marketing campaign assigned a specific caller ID number, you can easily track which marketing campaign is generating the most inbound call inquiries which ultimately proves that the campaign with higher inbound call inquiries is the High ROI driven campaign.

For Simple Inbound Marketing, The Call Tracking technology displays customers’ journeys, from ads to keywords, web pages, and so on. This gives you substantial information about your prospects or potential customers. Such info includes what website they come from. Did they find you through Google paid or organic search, and so on?

With these details, it becomes easy to target the right audience and channel your resources in a direction that guarantees a high conversion rate and ROI.

But the challenge in current Call Tracking is when the lead comes in, it may completely miss out if there is not proper follow-up strategy assigned to it and not automated. In simple words, we can say that what will happen once the lead comes in which is the next phase of the lead’s life cycle is completely missing, which needs to have a solution.

How Can FlowUp Redefine Your Call Tracking and Analysis?

The answer is in ‘Dedicated Local Caller IDs or Toll Free Numbers’.

1. Assign Dedicated Local and Toll-Free Numbers to Marketing Campaigns:

The Local Caller IDs or Toll Free numbers can be placed your website, landing pages, Email campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, TV Ads, and the list goes on. This dedicated number can help you identify the inbound inquiry calls coming from a specific campaign

For instance, let’s say you have two campaigns, Facebook ads, and TV ads. FlowUp will allow you to purchase two different Caller IDs that you will assign to each campaign as your call back number for that campaign

Now, when a potential customer who finds you through Facebook ads and they will see the call back number associated with the Facebook ads/campaign. And they gives you a call on that number to know more and then the process starts where you can track that which campaign is giving you more inbound inquiries and that’s the campaign where you should invest more in future for higher ROI.

Are you getting the picture yet?

So, on every point of your campaign, the prospect visits, the phone number they see is the one associated with the referral campaign (the platform that drove them to your website).

2. FlowUp can directly Transfer the Inbound Leads to Live Person:

Inbound Marketing campaigns can bring you traffic on your website, but it is not what you are actually looking for. You are looking for that potential customer to use your service or product.

Inbound marketing ends when you get the traffic, but what about the next process..which is the actual client acquisition process? It’s missing in most of call tracking solutions. But FlowUp can help you set up inbound call flow that can be directly transferred to live agents who can actually close the deal.

3. Create Contact Status for Further Follow-ups:

Sometimes the inbound inquiry doesn’t turns up in the first attempt, then would you leave them alone? Certainly not. But what to do then? That’s the part missing again in other call tracking solutions.

With FlowUp’s Call Tracking 2.0, Once the inbound call inquiry comes in, flowup helps you set up that call status as a specific contact status for e.g., Email Campaign Inbound, SMS Campaign Inbound like wise.

4. FlowUp Helps You Create Segmented Follow-up Lead List based on Contact Statuses:

Once you have leads in Specific Contact statuses based on specific campaign you can segment those leads and create a dedicated segmented contact list in just click easy way.

5. Create A Dedicated Follow-up Automation Strategy for such Segemeted List:

Using different outboudn channels you can set up the follow-up automation on those leads who have inquired from your earlier campaign but then lost the touch. You can be in their decision palette with continous touch base through outbound marketing channels.

How Does FlowUp’s Call Tracking 2.0 Help Your Business Grow And Increase Its ROI?


Call Tracking 2.0 Lets You Know Exactly What Your Prospect Needs.

With a FlowUp’s call tracking tool, you won’t have to second-guess what your caller needs or how they found you. You already have that information. As a result, your marketers can go right ahead to address them instead of beating about the bush, wondering what they may need.

Prospects love it when they spend less time explaining what they want. It makes them feel understood and satisfied.

A satisfied customer is a happy customer that will refer you to their friends. And what does this mean for your business? More sales and more ROI!

Call Tracking 2.0 Reveals The Campaigns That Drive Prospects The Most

FlowUp’s call tracking tool helps you identify the most effective platforms based on the number of inbound calls you receive. This allows you to channel your resources in the right place. It eliminates the probability of wasting time and money on the wrong platform.

You can improve ROI and better predict future marketing results from that same campaign.

Call Tracking 2.0 Improves User Experience

FlowUp provides SMS, Ringless voicemails, Press-1 Surveys or Emails. This reveals more information about the caller or the nature of the call before you even pick it.

How is this useful? When a prospect calls, your team knows exactly the rep center they need to talk to and can redirect them to such customer service without having to pick up the call first. As for the prospect that abandoned their carts in the scenario above. Your marketing team can retarget them using multiple outbound channels.

Finally, every business needs relevant key information about their prospects to convert them, and do so in a hassle-free way.

By using FlowUp’s Call tracking 2.0, you can paint a vivid picture of who your prospects are, and where they are from. This allows you to make informed decisions that increase conversion rate, generate more sales and increase ROI while improving customers’ experience at the same time.