How To Enrich Your Sales Enablement using Marketing Automation Software?

“Value.” If you are a business person, no matter what you sell, you must have heard of the word “value.” Value is so important in the business and marketing space because you cannot drive sales without it. Value is the importance or benefit customers get from purchasing your product or services. No doubt! Every sales team has a single goal— sales maximization. To achieve this goal, a great product service, an excellent understanding of customers and target audience, the most suitable sales rep(s), and excellent command of sales enablement tools are crucial.

Sales representatives can offer value by educating customers and building products to solve customers’ challenges. Instead of hard-selling, they focus more on offering products that profer solutions. To do this, sales representatives need to understand the product and industry they operate in, and that is what sales enablement is all about.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is not anything abstract or complex; instead, it is the simple process of equipping your sales team with all the resources and information to make more sales.

Here, we are providing them with the necessary market research guides, sales assets, and other sale-driving tools to boost their marketing performance. The importance of sales enablement in driving revenue is critical and direct as research and reliable statistics show that organizations with a sale enablement strategy have witnessed a 6% to 20% sales increment. You can quickly maximize product sales with proper and well-planned communication, quality creation, and distribution. So, a feasible sales enablement is one with a structured plan.

Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Sales Enablement

Here are some of the best practices that will boost your sales enablement, empower your team, and boost your engagement to improve your sales:

1. Get The Support of the Sales Team:

It costs time and money to come up with new sales enablement processes and strategies. You do not want all these to go to waste. So you have to make sure that your sales team embraces the plan and agrees to see it through. You may also need to consult other teams like the creatives to improve your strategy.

2. Assess Your Current Sales Enablement Strategy:

Before you start changing things, you need to understand your existing sales enablement practices. These include training, internal materials, playbooks, technology, and customer-facing content.

Think about what a new hire to the sales team would experience.

What do their onboarding training and materials look like?

What tools are you giving them?

What questions are they likely to ask?

Realistic answers to these questions will help your new strategy outperform the previous.

3. Know Your Customers:

The more you know about your customers, and what they want, the better you can personalize your sales enablement to suit their particular circumstance(s). It is advised to target a set of customers rather than the general public. Analyze your product and see what class or set of persons it would fit best.

After thoroughly considering the aforementioned tips, you are now ready to set up your sales enablement strategy and the content your sales rep will use. You also do not want to forger setting defined metrics to help you work towards your goal. You could consider the average number of days to close, the average number of days a customer spends in each customer journey stage, retention rate, and closing rate. With all these in place, you are good to go. You just do not want to forget to continually improve and evolve your strategies into better ones depending on the result(s) from your set metrics.

How Automated Lead Follow-Up System can help you to improve your Sales Enablement?

With an automated lead follow-up system, you are better equipped for well-informed sales analysis, which will help you to improve your marketing strategies. An automated lead follow-up system makes it easy to keep track of engagements, chats, and responses to different marketing campaigns. With a working follow-up system, you get to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks, and see which strategies are working and where to improve

Top 4 Sales Enablement Tools that help you Get Started Easier..!!

Some sales enablement tools will help the aforementioned tips work better. To leverage these tips, it is advised you use these tools. Here are the top 4 sales enablement tools for maximized sales conversion. These tools are the best because they offer a follow-up automation build that allows you to keep track of your marketing results.

1. is a sales enablement tool that will help you to convert more leads. Close is a sales engagement CRM that aims to assist small businesses to convert more leads into revenue. It’s all about the future of business: smart, agile teams that operate from anywhere. Close is the appropriate sales tool for a tech-enabled team that needs to scale without paying too much for corporate software.

Close is the only CRM that is entirely focused on the needs of small businesses and growing teams, and our customers will always feel supported.

2. FlowUp

When it comes to a top and world-class option for an all-in-one sales engagement and follow-up automation platform, FlowUp is one of your best bets. With its custom workflows and easy-to-use interface, your team saves more time while converting more market leads. Its omnichannel communication build helps you connect with leads across multiple channels, so you never miss anything! With FlowUp, you also can organize your workflows and avoid sending wrong messages to target audiences.

Many sales experts usually advise new start-ups to use FlowUp to ease the complexities of other sales enablement tools. No special knowledge of analytics is needed to get the hang of it.

3. Intercom

Intercom is another sales engagement tool that makes communication and market tracking easy. With the intercom, you get live chat, support, and sale terminals. You can easily engage leads with customers and build better customer relationships, which helps you convert more sales. The customer support and engagement of this tool are top-notch.

4. SalesHandy

This sales enablement tool is especially great for email marketing. They say, “If you need help with organizing and improving your email outreach with well-crafted campaigns and follow-up emails that lead to conversions, you’ll love SalesHandy.”

SalesHandy uses intel on your audience to help you personalize your email content and automates the follow-up process based on opens and clicks. SalesHandy will help your team become more productive by letting them monitor emails, unify document management, share files and engage leads. SalesHandy is great for small and medium-sized businesses. Their onboarding process is easy and quick.


Are you looking to modernize your sales management? Then, You need a modern sales enablement tool with an automated lead follow-up system. No doubt, you want to convert more click-throughs. A sales enablement tool that will help organize your workflows and marketing strategies is a blueprint for this. To get detailed insight on how FlowUp can be your ultimate Sales Enablement Tool connect with us at or schedule an appointment today.