Why is Omnichannel marketing ruling in 2023?

Omnichannel Marketing Trend to follow in 2023

Technology is becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives as it develops. Our online and offline activities are increasingly blending together. Marketers, salesmen, and customer service representatives will need to adapt as people’s behaviors change. We’ll need to pursue one comprehensive strategy — an omnichannel experience that consumers can use whenever they want … Read more

Adopt Sales Process Automation: A Futuristic Approach To Grow Your Business

Adopt Sales Process Automation

Having a sales process provides a clear and direct system for your employees to follow. It allows you to identify your strengths as well as the gaps that need improvement. However, you also need sales automation software like FlowUp. FlowUp reorganizes your sales process and allows you to focus on converting leads. With that said, … Read more

Uplift Customer Loyalty with an Automatic Customer Retention Tool

Uplift Your Customer Loyalty with Automated Customer Retention Platform

Are you not seeing the results you need from your marketing campaigns? You’re not alone. Many businesses fail to move the needle when it comes to sales, but that’s probably because their focus is wrong. Most companies seek to expand their customer base and market heavily to new customers. The problem? That’s not going to … Read more

How to Implement Systematic Lead Nurturing Campaign?

How to Implement Systematic Lead Nurturing Campaign_ (1)

Keeping your leads engaged long-term is how you keep them buying and have your business running in the long haul. This is why a systematic lead nurturing campaign or funnel is so important. What is a Systematic Lead Nurturing Funnel? A lead nurturing funnel is a series of emails you automatically send to prospects as … Read more

Amplify Your Text Drip Campaign with SMS Chatbot


Did you know that the open rates of SMS are almost 5x more than email open rates? This is because customers are more likely to communicate and open offers received via SMS than any other channel. What does this mean? It means it’s high time your business adopted an SMS chatbot for its SMS drip … Read more

A Must have Business Marketing Strategy during a recession

Must have Business Marketing Strategy during a recession

Let’s face it; no one likes recessions because there are fewer sales, and overall business takes a downturn. The typical response for most businesses is to reduce marketing, but this negatively impacts your brand image in the long run. The brands that keep marketing gain the trust of their customers, and these are the brands … Read more

How Automated Follow-ups Can be the Future of Insurance Agents?

Important of Follow-up Automation Important for Insurance Agent

Lead generation is an important step in the marketing strategy of insurance agents. If done rightly, tons of potential clients are going to flow right through the funnel and arrive at where the agents want them to. As important as lead generation is, it still leaves much work to be done. Stopping at just lead … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Contact.io 2022?

FlowUp at Contact.io

Contact.io is a conference in the Lead Generation World series that connects contact centre specialists with business leaders who may discuss best practices, new ideas, and growing technologies and solutions in the field of lead generation. The main aim of this meeting is to bring along the major lead generators, sale dialers and rainmakers, marketers, … Read more