A Must have Business Marketing Strategy during a recession

Must have Business Marketing Strategy during a recession

Let’s face it; no one likes recessions because there are fewer sales, and overall business takes a downturn. The typical response for most businesses is to reduce marketing, but this negatively impacts your brand image in the long run. The brands that keep marketing gain the trust of their customers, and these are the brands … Read more

How Automated Follow-ups Can be the Future of Insurance Agents?

Important of Follow-up Automation Important for Insurance Agent

Lead generation is an important step in the marketing strategy of insurance agents. If done rightly, tons of potential clients are going to flow right through the funnel and arrive at where the agents want them to. As important as lead generation is, it still leaves much work to be done. Stopping at just lead … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Contact.io 2022?

FlowUp at Contact.io

Contact.io is a conference in the Lead Generation World series that connects contact centre specialists with business leaders who may discuss best practices, new ideas, and growing technologies and solutions in the field of lead generation. The main aim of this meeting is to bring along the major lead generators, sale dialers and rainmakers, marketers, … Read more

Redefine Your Call Tracking & Analysis with Advanced Call Tracking 2.0

Redefine Your Call Tracking and Analysis with Advanced Call Tracking System

Small or large scale, every business needs great analyzing tools to stand out from the crowd and increase its ROI in this highly competitive era. One such tool is the call tracking tool for effective call tracking and analysis. Why Call Tracking? Studies have confirmed over and over again that businesses experience increased conversion rates … Read more

Ready to Use Sales Follow-up SMS Templates for Real Estate Lead Generators


Whether you’re a real estate agent or broker, sale follow-up SMS templates remain the most convenient and cost-effective way to generate and follow up on your leads. Quick question, how often do you get a ‘yes’ after making the first sale call? Your answer is as good as any other realtor’s – hardly ever, if … Read more

Top 5 Ways to Build Opt-in Data – Your Ready Reckoner for Opt-in Marketing


Opt-in data is instrumental in modeling your products and/or services according to your customers’ and visitors’ responses—hereby expanding the reach of your website, blog, and business brand. In the continuously growing world Right to Privacy is in high demand and keeping that in the eye, the new legal reforms are kept updating where you can’t … Read more

How to Make Your Marketing Automation More Intelligent with Conversational SMS Bot?

Make Marketing Automation More Intelligent with Conversation SMS Bot

Good, effective communication is the key to product marketing. Marketing has to be strategic, responsive and targeted to be effective. Conversational marketing is an effective marketing technique that does all of those mentioned above to convert numerous leads for maximized profits. Why Conversational Marketing is Important? Conversational marketing can improve communication between a business brand … Read more