The Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation in 2024

Sales don’t come automatically, even when you have a great product or service. To close a deal requires effort and time. In the past, all of the work needed to be done manually. Fortunately, the days of taking care of everything by hand are over. Those repetitive tasks that can close down the sales process … Read more

Bring Your Startup to Speed with Omnichannel Marketing – A Beginner Guide for Startups

Omnichannel Marketing uses different channels to communicate with their consumers to build and maintain a brand experience for their customers. This form of marketing includes stores, both online and physical. Its basic goal is to ensure that customers have a well-rounded experience and are satisfied with the services they receive. Many industries today are using … Read more

5 Reasons You Should be Using Voice Announcements in Your Marketing Plan

With so many ways to communicate with your current and potential consumers, it’s easy to get caught up with the latest trends and let more traditional marketing methods fall by the wayside. However, it is critical to recognize the value of communication tactics like voice announcements and use them strategically, especially within certain consumer groups. … Read more

Email Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing – the tried and true digital platform for connecting with your audience, promoting your brand, and selling your offerings. Despite increasing numbers of emails sent to consumers on a daily basis — especially around the holidays — a well-crafted and strategic message can have a large impact on your customers and lead nurturing … Read more

What is Call Patching and How does it boost your Automated Follow-Ups?

Call Patching: What exactly does it Mean? All calls, calls by query topic, or specific callers can be ‘patched’ through to your mobile, landline, or any other number you designate with call patching. The call agent will answer the phone as if they were a member of your own team, taking down the caller’s name … Read more

Close More Sales – Reach Leads at the Best Times on the Best Channels

As technologies advance, the number of available marketing channels continues to grow. On top of that, each individual consumer has personal preferences on how and when they like to be contacted. Even with lead segmentation and a strong marketing strategy, a firm understanding of your consumers’ daily routines can be tricky. Without this knowledge, they … Read more

How to leverage the Affiliate Summit West 2021?

When you are attending such a gigantic event, what you need is to attend it with the right frame of the mindset that helps squeeze the maximum out of it. It is a place where you are meeting the industry you work in and representing yourself and your company but what is more important is … Read more

Why Omnichannel Marketing is important?

Do you know that organizations who opt for omnichannel marketing best practices, reap additional rewards and claim to obtain up to 89 percent of their clients in this manner? Both the marketing landscape and the customer experience have shifted dramatically as a result of omnichannel marketing. A business owner can boost the worth of their … Read more

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Lead Engagement Platforms – The Key to Sales Success and Efficiency

We’ve all heard it before: follow-ups are the key to closing sales. But the reality of many salespeoples’ lives is that there just isn’t enough time in the day for both customer acquisition and retention initiatives. So how do you ensure you’re engaging effectively with your leads without having the process eat up large amounts … Read more